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Annual Overview

Since the beginning of its operations in 2002, WebSitePulse grows at a sustained double-digit rate, continues to be a completely debt-free company, and constantly improves its service offerings through Customer-driven, innovative solutions.

In 2006, Customers from around the world selected WebSitePulse as their trusted web monitoring service provider, and opened more than 4,000 new accounts - a 25% increase over 2005.

In 2006, the fast proliferation of the Internet and the increasing importance of the critical web-based services and applications created even more opportunities for WebSitePulse. However, the real strength of the company originates from its highly efficient business model, advanced engineering solutions, and a lot of hard work.

In 2006, WebSitePulse:

  • Performed over 2,000,000,000 (two billion) Availability And Uptime Tests for its Customers;
  • Detected over 17,000,000 (seventeen million) Malfunctions;
  • Sent out over 5,000,000 (five million) Alert Notifications;
  • Prepared over 10,000 (ten thousand) Individual Performance Reports;
  • Published over 200 (two hundred) Availability And Uptime Reports for four major web-based industries of significant interest to online visitors;
  • Added several new monitoring stations in its Global Monitoring Network;
  • Developed and integrated over 30 (thirty) service features, options and upgrades;
  • Launched the most cost-efficient monitoring platform in the industry; a completely redesigned website, and an improved Control Panel for the benefit of its Customers;
  • Pioneered a 30 days free trial with no limitations of the usage of all available service features and options;
  • Offered the most competitive prices in the web-monitoring industry through its new "Proof of Confidence" price matching standard;
  • Provided Charities and Donations under the form of Free Services at a total value of USD $9,830.-
  • Provided reliable, uninterrupted, 365/24/7 service to its Customers.
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Iavor Marinoff

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