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Geeks Just Wanna Have Fun

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Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Boyana Peeva in Tech

The latest team building experience of the geeks from WebSitePulse

WSP team building

As much as coding, testing and monitoring are the meaning of life for us, we all agreed on taking some time off those monitors. So we decided to go … wild.  It was unnatural experience for some of us, no lie. Especially when we were losing mobile coverage at certain spots in the wild – things then were getting a bit disturbing and we, poor geeks, were feeling quite insecure – no backups, no nothing – just us completely disarmed against the wilderness. Away from digits and headed deep, deep into the woods could be life changing, uh?

So our team building should have gone just the way it normally does – three days somewhere away from here, during which we are equipped with smart phones, laptops and tablets, staying close to the hotel in case someone runs out of batteries, or has a sudden code illumination! And the most we would do is go to the spa.

This time, however, we broke the tradition – took the backpacks, bottles of water and went up in the woods, looking for that cave we were told it was worth seeing. None of us had an idea how much we had to hike up on that hill, and while we were fresh and energetic, we kept the optimism with us too.

They told us we had to pass by three wooden shelters after which we would see The Cave.

Chillin'After an hour of climbing, during which the Sun started burning stronger, temperatures rose to 104 F, and the drinking water was gone, we reached the very first shelter. We had two more to look for. Optimism was long gone. Needless to say, there was no point of going back, so we could only continue going upwards. At that point I was seeing shelter mirages. Mouths dry, sweaty all over, moody, we regretted that whim to break the tradition of staying in the hotel spa where it’s air-conditioned, and safe, and we are plugged in. Then, out of nowhere, one of our accountants – a 60-year-old guy, full of energy, smiles and joy, started tittuping, with his backpack on, mumbling a song – “The Mumbling Song”. That should have worked as a motivational stroke. We should have laughed, but instead we totally crashed in the middle of the woods.  Then we saw the second shelter. Hallelujah! One more to go. After a 15 minutes break, we continued. And then, “Oh, happy days!” – few minutes later we reached the third and last shelter!

So, here somewhere we should see the cave. No cave. We met another group of hikers who had been wondering around for some time, and couldn’t find it either. It was a bit windy there on top of that hill, and while the branches of one of the largest trees around were bending up and down, they actually revealed a grand view of the so-looked for cave! Stunned, speechless, breathless, we looked up and saw the entrance of the cave, maybe 14 feet high from the ground. We looked down and saw a gorgeous sight of green hills parted by a lake. Around us we saw rocks and centuries-old trees coming out of them rocks somehow.

The sight from the top of the hillWe entered the cave by climbing an old, creaky wooden ladder that was shaking under our feet and was clearly neither safe, nor secure. The cave wasn’t all that impressive. Its location is what took our breaths away. Being on top of the World, none of us remembered to check their smart phones or to whine about the weather and lack of mobile coverage. We even forgot to take pictures and felt no regrets about the spa at the hotel, or the fact that we were not connected to the Internet. It started raining and we wouldn’t mind. It was crisp, peaceful, pure, smelling like freshly cut grass.


We climbed down slowly and quietly and all recharged. In the next two days the thought about staying in the hotel, gaming, browsing, coding did not cross the minds of any of us. We were all about being out there – took a boat in the lake,  climbed another hill, took long walks, watched the stars while lying on the ground, and enjoyed the very moment.

Geeks wanted to have fun, and we did - in the most unusual way. And we feel closer to each other than ever before. Creativity and enthusiasm is now sky-high – we are ready to take the best ‘monitoring’ care of your servers and websites again.

If you would like to see more pictures of our experience in the wild, visit our Facebook page.

Boyana Peeva

Believes that the glass is rather half-full and that nothing is bigger than the little things. Enjoys writing, reading and sharing content – information is power.

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