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iPhone Web Server

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Posted on June 29th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

The iPhone - one of the most, if not the most, popular mobile phone on the market. Innovative, when first launched, craved by people from all around the world, and widely accepted by the software development society. There are many great applications for it, most of them designed for plain fun and rich multimedia experience on the go. After a period of euphoria, people start tinkering with the device, even more, thinking - "What else can I squeeze from this device?".

Most of the times the answer is - a lot! We've all seen various wacky applications and some of practical use. One that you might not find practical at all is the web server for iPhone, called ServersMan. I honestly don't think this app will have a solid commercial value and extensive future implementations, but it is one of those things people will put on their phones only to tell friends they did so. Geeky, really geeky, and good for home use too. You can get all your data off your phone without syncing.

Data plans are still quite expensive and we are still a bit far from having our websites running from our pockets, but who knows? Everything is developing so fast. Imagine running your online business from your pocket. The idea of it is insane. One day, after a few generations of iPhones, have become obsolete this software is sure to bring back the life to your old 2010 iPhone. Mostly as a part of a weekend project.

Victoria Pal

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