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PuTTY Client for S60

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Posted on July 6th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

PuttyPuTTY is a free Telnet/SSH client many administrators and people with less skills have grown to love. It is the perfect little tool to help you establish a SSH connection to a remote server. It enables you to connect and administer your Unix/Linux based server from any Unix or Windows work environment.

Many of us need to multi task, be as mobile as possible and be able to deal with various situations on the go. One application I always keep on my mobile is PuTTY's mobile phone port. For many people it is more than just another application, it is a trustworthy companion they would have killed for 10 years ago. I know people who used to reboot servers with text messages just so that they can get them running while on the road and that was about as far as it got. Nothing too fancy.

With PuTTY's port for mobile devices you can get a lot more done. I was able to check my home server's uptime, update the content of a few static HTML files I have on there, and check the activity of my wireless connection I share with a few people. Respectively, each admin, regardless of his location, can log to any server he administrates and perform some necessary maintenance or a routine check.

If you need more than this and would like to see your network's hardware status from more than one geographic point, go ahead and try out our free tools.

Victoria Pal

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