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The Plugins That Work - Dropbox CDN and wp Time Machine

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Posted on May 20th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

There are two great WordPress plugins that everyone should know about. The first one is called Dropbox CDN. “Dropbox” as in “Dropbox - the personal file backup service, helping me work on my files from my PC and Mobile Phone”.

Wordpress DropboxDropbox CDN (Content Delivery Network) enables you to host your WordPress theme CSS, JS and images on Dropbox. This is huge! Setting up additional hosting space involves extra costs, time to manage, backups. A lot of hassle! With this plug in you enjoy all this for free. The reason why this is so great is that common bloggers can now have their blog load faster and be viewed by more people at once. Using CDN is listed as a great practice by Yslow, no matter the scale of you online presence. It is worth it to get a Dropbox account only for the sake of using this plugin. If you are not too happy with your hosting provider, or you are using a free service, this is a good moment to try out the plugin to increase your website’s performance.

Personal blogs rarely exceed 10GB of traffic per day, which is the limitation you get with Dropbox. I would say this is more than enough for any blog.

One thing still bugs me. What happened to They had a great start, but came a few years before the mobile phone app hype. Maybe it is that, maybe it’s not. The fact is people out there are constantly coming up with new stuff and this little plugin really made my day.

Wordpress time machineThe second plugin I would recommend is WP Time Machine. This one I heard about from a friend of mine, currently writing reconsideration letters to Google, after his WordPress got hacked. It took him 3 hours to recover. That is what happens when you don’t update and monitor your website. Guess who signed to the Free Trial earlier today :). Back to the plugin. The reason I mention it here is because it is another plugin employing the services of Dropbox. This one lets you choose where to backup. You can use Dropbox, Amazon’s AWS S3 or a remote FTP of your liking.

Both plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If you like to be extra cautious with your site and not pay a single cent, try out our Free Service for Life and tell us what you think about it.

Victoria Pal

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