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Vacation Planning Websites Speed Up in 2012

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Posted on July 27th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in WebSitePulse News, Tech

VacationIf you are a part of the travel industry, you probably don’t get much from your summer vacation and are in the office right now, planning someone else’s vacation. Or maybe not exactly, but my guess is you still care how that vacation planning is going for the big guys. Luckily for you, this year we monitored the most popular travel websites again and are here to provide you with the results.

We have monitored 12 websites for 5 weeks from 4 different global locations. The monitoring process covers not only the website performance, but a typical complete web transaction – going to the Home page, choosing destination, browsing the search results, and selecting hotel offer. The KPI metrics for the reports are Uptime and Response Time, which are basically the default user experience metrics.

So, what did we find out?

As a general rule – all sites struggle with the Australian market. definitely need to dig deep there, because 70 seconds loading time is far below any client expectation. wasn’t monitored last year, although by their results it is obvious that they need to spend more time in server maintenance. are still our average response time champions, just like last year, and, for what it's worth, they are the best with all performance results. (no, and are the top 3 performers in both 2011 and 2012, and all other performers are basically the same. Before you bash the annual reports as not quite interesting, please note that the ranking might be the same, but all their measurements have very much improved since last year. If the average response time in 2011 was ~21 seconds, it is ~14 seconds in 2012. So well done to all in the list!

Average response times 2011

Average response times 2012

Let’s take a look at the uptime results. We monitored the uptime of the exact same websites, for the same period and from the same global locations. What you might catch your eye here is not their individual uptime, which is quite obvious from the graphics, but the average response time for the whole period – 99.93% in 2012, against 99.79% in 2011. We are noticing the improvement again, and it's quite significant, too.

Average uptime 2011

Average uptime 2012

The conclusion is simple and a happy one – the travel websites have always been a niche very active digitally speaking, and very caring for their property, and the effort is paying off – the improvement is noticeable everywhere. Good job, guys!

Victoria Pal

Doesn't like queuing (particularly at Wimbledon). Likes travelling, tennis and reading. Loves working as a Project Manager at WebSitePulse.

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