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What Is That Clicking Sound?

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Posted on February 25th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Nothing lasts forever. Server systems don’t last forever. While monitoring can prevent major problems, alert about possible issues and help troubleshoot a system it won’t save your hardware from giving up at point. Fortunately, everything is replaceable. Except you data, that is.

Server data recovery

Professionals implement various solutions to prevent data loss due to hardware failure. Some systems run multiple data storage units with the same information (RAID). Others perform frequent backups to more than one medium. Regular users and small companies rarely do backups or run hardware systems with more than one hard drive, for their basic needs. In this case “basic” covers casual office work, small client databases and such.

When you are on a tight budget and your hard drive fails, there are a few ways to go. More of them lead to either data loss or a very expensive recovery. Thanks to the educated, sharing people on the Internet there is a way to do around options and perform the recovery on your own. Again, this is advisable only if you can at one point go without the information on that storage unit.

The guys at MyHardDriveDied have great resources which will help you understand the mechanics of a hard drive and educate you about the seriousness of your problem. Once you have that covered you will be able to take the right decision and decided whether to go ahead and try the repairs yourself.

Here is one good list of tested software, which the guys used to perform simpler data recovery.

If you have a ruined hard drive somewhere near, try it on it first. My advice is – start as a hobbyist and don’t try any serious data recovery for a while. Now, if you excuse me, I’m about to get my hands dirty with a couple of pre 2000 hard drives. They are for an amateur web server project, built from pre-2000 components.

When was the last time you had major hard drive issues?

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