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WebSitePulse Unveils Web Page Snapshot Feature

December 13, 2004, WebHosting.Info

The new feature allows customers to view cached snapshots of individual steps of an e-business transaction.

WebSitePulse, a remote monitor of web-based systems and e-business transactions, today announced the introduction of a new feature called 'Web Page Snapshot', which provides webmasters with a reference point when investigating e-business or other functional problems.

With the Web Page Snapshot, customers can view cached snapshots of individual steps of an e-business transaction or other function, as well as view a cached snapshot of a monitored full-page, to make troubleshooting faster and easier.

Accroding to the company, in July 2003, it became the world's first provider of transaction monitoring and recording, an advanced feature of the company's server and full-page remote monitoring service. The system performs pre-recorded, multi-step transactions the same way an end-user would do them: following links, clicking on buttons, completing forms, adding products to shopping carts, checking out, processing credit cards, and many other possible actions. If a failure is detected, notifications are sent immediately via email, phone call, SMS, cell phone or pager, based on a customer-programmed notification.

"The transaction monitoring service makes it easy for our customers to gain detailed insight into the performance of all their web systems, as well as to determine the true end-user experience with complex web application transactions. The result is improved performance and a higher level of customer satisfaction," says Iavor Marinoff, CEO of Image Project, Inc., owner of the WebSitePulse brand. "With the latest improvement to this service - the Web Page Snapshot - transaction monitoring becomes an even more sophisticated tool that gives our customers a new competitive edge."