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Continuous and independent web-monitoring, instant alerts with multimedia notifications and analytical reports are the most reliable and cost-effective loss prevention mechanisms and performance measurement and optimization tools, for servers and network components, web sites, web transactions and any other web system connected to the Internet.

Every Owner or Operator of Internet-based assets that play a vital role to the e-business operations or support mission-critical web-presence should be constantly aware of the performance levels of these assets. Any malfunction, unavailability, or underperformance results in loss of traffic, revenue, communication, image, or credibility, and requires substantial additional expenses to rebuild and restore the eroded positions.

Typical Users of the WebSitePulse Set of Monitoring services include:

• Top Executives and Business Owners
Key benefits:
- Independent confirmation of the proper functioning of the critical Internet assets;
- Constant verification of the performance of the Internet assets as a key factor of the web-based components of the strategic- and business plans;

• CIOs and IT Managers
Key benefits:
- Keeping a global perspective of website, web-systems and web components performance;
- Ensuring uninterrupted access and consistently positive web-experience for the Worldwide end-users;

• System Administrators and Tech support Managers:
Key benefits:
- Overall downtime reduction by up to 80%.
- Immediate notification about website performance or availability problems;
- Troubleshooting problems faster and more successfully;
- Increasing work-efficiency as enough data becomes available about the source and the point of origination of the problem;

• Small and Medium e-business Owners
Key benefits:
- Increasing Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rate;
- Protection from immediate loss, as well as from longer-term image and brand damages;
- Stopping Customers from moving to competitors' domains due to website unavailability, malfunction, or lack of preparedness for service interruption situations.

• ISPs, ASPs, Web hosting companies' Owners and Managers
Key benefits:
- Third-party verification of the reliability of the offered products and services;
- Increasing the value of the response time data as it is provided directly, real-time, from an objective and independent source;
- Using independent and objective monitoring as the best possible reference the provider's ability to sustain consistently high levels of service.

• Financial analysts
Key benefits:
- Third-party confirmation of the ability of a web-based operation to reduce the diversifiable risks, as far as website and systems availability are concerned;
- Downtime/ Uptime ratios calculation as primary criteria for web-systems and components' performance;

• Marketing intelligence experts
Key benefits:
- Real-time information of any changes in the key web pages of the most important players within a specific industry group;
- Objective and reliable data for the building and the modification of the marketing strategies and sales tactics to adapt them to the ever changing Internet reality in a timely manner;

• Journalists, publicists, editors, and industry analysts
Key benefits:
- Cost-efficient tool for gathering information about the leading Internet brands' performance;
- Providing the opportunity for almost real-time dissemination of such information that often is the best protection of the public interest.

• Governmental, federal, state, and municipal authorities, agencies and organizations using outside vendors for large IT projects.
Key benefits:
- Objective verification of the vendors' performance;
- Proof of unbiased vendor selection, project implementation process, and delivery of the projected benefits.
(From a simple website development assignment to a complex citywide Wi-Fi broadband network design and implementation, for every tax-payers' dollar spent, elected officials and all the employees involved must present a proof of efficiency. As various vendors supply their own data that might reflect only a specific aspect of their service, independent and objective monitoring is the excellent and universal performance measurement alternative. The daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports are the best references for the achievement of the desirable cost/ benefits objectives, and play critical role for the assessment of the results of the vendor- and project-selection process that has been in place.)

• Managers of on-line advertising and promotional campaigns, and marketing directors
Key benefits:
- Reporting unauthorized replacements of banners;
- Reporting non-replacement of banners, as agreed in the case of rotating banners;
- Protection from Zero ROI (When critical web pages linked to the banners are unavailable);
- Protection from Negative ROI (If the paid clicks result in the opening of a web page that has been "defaced", the ROI should be considered negative because of the additional costs occurring to repair the brand, image, and legal damages);

• Consultants and System integrators using various models, solutions, and vendors
Key benefits:
- Assurance that the different components and applications co-exist seamlessly, and form a synergy for the benefit of the Clients.
- Verification of the viability of the customer behavior-related hypotheses;
- Evidence for the successful interaction between the different vendors and applications supporting different steps in a given web transaction.

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