Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if your system detects a problem with my monitored website and web server?
Every time we detect that there is a problem with your website and web server, we verify the problem from several other locations to make sure that the problem exists and to reduce the number of false alerts. Once we verify the problem, we notify all your contacts via email, phone, pager, instant messenger, contact URL or SNMP trap. Also you can configure Takeover rules. Messages can be customized to reach specific recipients at specified times, specific number of times, during specific hours, and after a problem is detected specific number of consequent times.

What happens if the problem with my website persists?
We continue checking your Website availability and response times at regular or increased intervals depending on your configuration. In the meantime, you continue receiving downtime messages until the problem is solved. When your website resumes its regular activity, you receive a notification that it is functioning normally again.

What does it mean when my contacts are notified that my system is down?
Whether it is a router, web server, or other web device or protocol, a "down" notification means that is unable to reach your system via the internet. This may happen for several reasons - your web server is down, the internet connection is down, your Web Hosting provider is having network problems, etc. Our alerts allow troubleshooting before your customers and visitors even notice that something is wrong with your website or part of it.

How do I know my website is operating correctly again?
When your website resumes its regular activity and ability to serve your customers and visitors, you and your contacts receive a notification that it is functioning properly again.

Can notify multiple contacts upon a failure?
Yes. You can add, set up, and we will notify unlimited number of contacts. In addition, we support alert escalation, which means that you can configure contacts to be notified after a certain period of downtime.

How do I use the e-mail gateway on my cell phone to receive notifications?
Each digital phone within the US has an e-mail address attached to it and all e-mail sent to that email address gets forwarded to that cell phone. This is the email address that is used to send notifications to wireless devices as well as alphanumeric pagers.