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January 06, 2005

WebSitePulse announces the second contest winner

Dear Valued Customer,

I am delighted to announce the second winner of an HP iPAQ RZ1715 Pocket PC:
Mr. Nick Holmes, Investis Ltd, London, England, UK

(If you have already registered, you are still in the running for our last prize award.)

Mr. Holmes was gracious enough to share with us his thoughts about our services from the perspective of an application service provider:

"Over the past year it has been good to have the continual monitoring of our facilities, especially with the ease of adding new sites, server farms and applications to the mix. We also use uptime figures for publication to our clients in regular service updates."

"WebSitePulse has given us the frequency of checks, the notification options, the frequency of reporting and the flexibility that we weren't getting from our previous vendor."

"Although we monitor internally, it's nice to know the global picture from multiple monitoring points both for ourselves and for our clients so we can resolve any issues quickly."

"The service is strong, consistent, adaptable, easy to use and does everything we need to do. I would definitely recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep a close watch on their e-business assets."

From our conversation with Mr. Holmes, we realized that some of our customers – especially ISPs and ASPs – may not be aware of a highly useful feature WebSitePulse has to offer: The Stats Publisher

Whether you are an ASP or ISP that wants a competitive advantage, or if you're just interested in maximizing the efficiently and productivity of your e-business, the Stats Publisher tool can help you in various ways. Here's a brief overview:

  • The most popular use of the Stats Publisher is to project maximum credibility. A number of ISPs and ASPs offer their existing and potential clients proof of reliability measured through their websites' and servers' uptime. These references are even more valuable when provided by an independent and objective service such as WebSitePulse. You can boost your credibility if you simply provide a link to our specialized web pages for your customers.

  • You can also display the statistics about your web systems' performance on your own websites. WebSitePulse provides the uptime information in HTML format with a code allowing the direct access to real-time data.

  • Some web developers and ASPs like the ability to get real-time access to our database. This allows you to retrieve statistics from our database using SOAP and WSDL, which you can easily implement in different applications you develop for your own end-users.

  • Finally, if you need to analyze past performance or to extrapolate future trends from existing data, you can download formatted data. Getting our data directly in Excel or another format allows you to create impressive custom displays, graphs and charts, as well as to discover patterns that help you focus on the correct cost-saving solutions.

You can learn more about this feature now. Just log on to your account and select "Stat Publisher" from the "Reports"- section of the left-hand side menu.

Once again, thank you for being our customer!

I would like to assure you that WebSitePulse will continue to provide you with professional and dedicated services enabling you to increase the efficiency of your mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce your risks of loss of business transactions and revenue.

Wishing you success and prosperity in the year ahead,

Iavor Marinoff, CEO