How to Earn with WebSitePulse

August 19th, 2015
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Looking for an extra income? We’ve got an idea: why don’t you enroll in our affiliate program to start cashing in?

With over 37 000 satisfied customers around the world, we are now giving you the opportunity to become our affiliate partner and earn one of the highest referral commissions in the industry. Even if online marketing is not your strong suit, you can take advantage of our ready-to-use marketing tools and start making money. It really is that easy.


To enroll in our program, you should simply submit an online application via our site:

We will review your application and send you an e-mail notification within 2 business days.


We may reject your application in case your website contains illegal, threatening or defamatory content. Also, if you plan to use extensive messaging, which we call “spamming” by the way, or decide to place multiple direct links on blogs,  message boards and such, unsolicited email, etc., please note that you risk compromising your affiliate account this way. Of course, it's best that you read our full Terms and Conditions  (you know, the part which everyone scrolls quickly and agrees to) to get a better idea of what you can and cannot do.

So, without further ado, let's get to the serious part:

How Our Affiliate Program Works:

Once approved, we will:

  • Configure an affiliate account for you located at our resellers’ interface.
  • Email you the credentials. After login in, make sure you locate the Billing info section, so you can submit your personal details and receive our payments.

Next, you need to figure out what your affiliate commission is going to be as we give you the opportunity to select from three types of campaigns. You can create the following campaigns - one at a time:

  1. One-time commission: 20.00% of the 1st paid invoice of the referred client.
  2. Limited-time commission: Higher percentage for a short period - 10.00% of the payments for 3 months.
  3. Lifetime commission: Lower percentage for the lifetime of the referred account - 5.00% of every paid invoice.

Now remember, you can create up to ten campaigns, but you can refer a customer to a single campaign only.


If you are finished setting up your campaigns, go to the Link Generator area and generate your own, unique link. This link contains a unique ID which we will use to track all customers you refer to us for the respective campaign. After you get the link, you can use it on any of our logos and place it on your website(s).

What You Should Know:

You will earn a commission based on the paid invoices for WebSitePulse accounts, purchased by customers who followed the affiliate link on your site to WebSitePulse, or provided your unique affiliate ID upon subscription, unless agreed otherwise.

Commissions that have been due for over 30 days and are over $ 50.00 will be eligible for claim. We do that to ensure that a customer has not made use of our 30-day money-back guarantee to get a refund.

If a customer receives a refund or credit for a product that generated a commission under this paragraph and we have paid you the commission already, we will deduct that commission from your next payment.

If you close your affiliate account or this affiliate account is terminated by WebSitePulse, any commissions over $ 5.00, which are not claimed at the time of the account closure, will be eligible for claim and will be paid no later than 90 days from the termination.

That's pretty much it. Happy hunting!



















WebSitePulse 2015 Mother's Day Retail Performance and Uptime Report

June 10th, 2015
Posted in Performance Reports

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WebSitePulse is monitoring 12 of the most popular online shopping destinations for the 2015 Mother's Day. The measurement results from monitoring a typical online shopping customer transaction reflect the performance levels and the availability of the seven websites related to the increased Internet traffic during the period.

Continuous website monitoring for all eight Internet retailers covers the period May 1 through May 10. You can find the daily reports and graphical charts showing the results from the previous day and for the entire monitoring period up to date at

WebSitePulse 2015 Valentine's Day Retail Performance Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 20th, 2015
Posted in Performance Reports

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St. Valentine’s Day is over and so is the monitoring of 7 of the most popular websites for Valentine’s gifts.

During the period from January 31st until February 16th we monitored 7 websites and reported their performance and availability daily. The idea behind was to see how they would handle the heavy traffic flow during the Valentine’s shopping fever.

Here’s what we found: 

Response time scored the lowest response time – 7.51 seconds. That means visitors didn’t wait long to load certain pages. had 25 seconds of response time on average. Since this was a little too high, it’s possible that some impatient visitors switched to a competitor. In fact, four of the monitored websites had high response time meaning they had difficulties handling the heavy traffic load. 


As far the availability (uptime) is concerned, was available almost the whole time – 99.98%. was up 99.97% of the time. The rest of the websites remained in the 99’s per cent availability, which is quite an achievement. 

Security notification for CVE-2015-0235 (GHOST vulnerability)

January 28th, 2015
Posted in Industry News, WebSitePulse News, Tech

A significant Linux vulnerability that allows remote code execution to Linux server(s) was announced late yesterday, named GHOST: CVE-2015-023. Full details of the vulnerability are available at While the issue has been fixed as early as Mar 21, 2013 it was not marked as a security threat and as a result the patch was not backported to most of the stable and long-term-support distributions like RHEL, Centos, Ubuntu 12.04 etc which left them vulnerable.

Updates for CentOS are already available in the Updates repository so a simple "yum update" will install the required patches to mitigate this vulnerability.

Qualys have provided a simple C program to test if a machine is vulnerable

cat > GHOST.c << EOF
#include <netdb.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>

#define CANARY "in_the_coal_mine"

struct {
  char buffer[1024];
  char canary[sizeof(CANARY)];
} temp = { "buffer", CANARY };

int main(void) {
  struct hostent resbuf;
  struct hostent *result;
  int herrno;
  int retval;

  /*** strlen (name) = size_needed - sizeof (*host_addr) - sizeof (*h_addr_ptrs) - 1; ***/
  size_t len = sizeof(temp.buffer) - 16*sizeof(unsigned char) - 2*sizeof(char *) - 1;
  char name[sizeof(temp.buffer)];
  memset(name, '0', len);
  name[len] = '\0';

  retval = gethostbyname_r(name, &resbuf, temp.buffer, sizeof(temp.buffer), &result, &herrno);

  if (strcmp(temp.canary, CANARY) != 0) {
  if (retval == ERANGE) {
    puts("not vulnerable");
  puts("should not happen");

$ gcc GHOST.c -o GHOST

We have verified that all WebSitePulse servers have latest updates installed and are not vulnerable.





WebSitePulse 2014 Holiday Retail Performance and Uptime Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 20th, 2015
Posted in Performance Reports

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The 2014 Holiday Season is over and so is the shopping fever. The analytics company Retail Next noted a 4% rise in sales compared to last year due to a much stronger online purchasing.

According to Shelley Kohan, vice president of retail consulting at RetailNext, "The online promotions that came out early in November really took a lot out of the brick-and-mortar business as they captured the shopper very early this year" (

Considering the above, we can’t stress more on the need of maintaining a perfect website performance and availability. The more people visit your website, the harder it becomes to maintain low response time and high uptime. And, these two are important if you care enough about your customers’ flawless shopping experience and your sales or conversions.

We monitored 11 of the most popular websites for gifts during the Holiday Season (November 24, 2014 – January 04, 2015) in order to see whether they could bear possible heavy traffic load during the shopping fever.

Most of them demonstrated excellent uptime – above 99.5%.

As for the response time – it varied between 2 and 12 seconds, meaning that some websites were caught off guard during traffic surges.

To see the detailed daily reports, visit