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All monitored targets are OK.
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No problems were detected during the last 24 hours (change interval). See the full Detected Problems Report for details about problems detected during other time intervals.
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There are no target notes in your account for the last 3 months.
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TargetLast UpdatedDuration
WSP Full-page sample12-09-2015472d 6h 9m
PIC HTTP server12-09-2015472d 6h 9m
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You have 2 suspened targets
 Usage Tips
Configure your Country-specific Date Formats
International Customers can select between multiple date formats and date separators for every user in their account. The following date formats are currently available:

mm/dd/yyyy (example 01/21/2007)
dd/mm/yyyy (example 21/01/2007)
yyyy/mm/dd (example 2007/01/21)
mm/dd/yy (example 01/21/07)
dd/mm/yy (example 21/01/07)
yy/mm/dd (example 07/01/21)

To modify your settings, please go to Users Management" in the Account section, select "edit" for the user and expand the "Interface Settings". You will see Date Format at the bottom of this section.

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