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April Fools' Day: How Website Monitoring Really Works

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Posted on April 1st, 2014 by Boyana Peeva in Monitoring

How website monitoring really works. April Fool's Day

If you have ever wondered what we do behind the scenes while watching after your online business, you can now find out how the monitoring process really works:

We initiate an immediate error-detection process via our hideously complicated monitoring system which consists of throwing ‘heads and tails’ coin by the IT Employee on duty. Depending on what you say ‘heads and tails’ stands for, your website might be up – or might be down. This process, however, cannot be performed by an uncertified IT specialist as throwing the coin under specific angles requires years of training. The unprofessional completion of this process might result in your website being down, which then completely renders the monitoring of your website.

Boyana Peeva

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