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Cheap NAS Server

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Posted on March 10th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech
NAS servers are a great way to store information a network. They work great for office and home use. NAS devices provide many benefits. Small offices can use them for work collaboration and file sharing in general. Decent NAS devices can hold up several hard drives and operate in different modes. You can install multiple hard drives and enjoy the full capacity, or you can install them to work in RAID 1 and even RAID 5. In this way you will have a copy of your data to one or more hard drives. When one goes down, the others continue to work and no data is lost. That is extremely useful to small office environments, web & graphic design agencies and small business in general. 

Home NAS serverEnthusiasts running a NAS server at home, usually have them for multimedia purposes. They truly are a great way to share information on a home network. Home use is generally more concerned with space, rather than backup and security. A decent Netgear device currently costs just a little under 250$. It is a good finish to your home network, but then again do you really need one?

If you want to try out some basic NAS experience before you go for the expensive solution, you can try NAS adapters. You can currently find cheap ones on Amazon for around 45-60$. You can connect it to your network and plug in a large USB stick or USB HDD. If you have an external drive lying around, try it out. If you are about to buy one, you can get 1TB of external storage for about 70-80$. Setting up Network Attached Storage can cost you half of what you will pay and the storage space is the same. If scalability is not a problem for you, you will get your very own 1TB of network storage for around 120$.

If you have some old desktop PC or a laptop, you can make a NAS server out of it too. It will probably have less space, but you will be able to run other services and enjoy enhanced capabilities.

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