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Facebook Messenger is down!

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Posted on December 5th, 2017 by Damien Jordan in Monitoring

Facebook Messenger is Down 

     The popular messaging service is reported down by users from USA, Europe and Australia. The famous messaging platform appears to be experiencing a major outage as users are unable to send or receive messages. Some even report that they are presented with a message saying “Chat is currently unavailable”.

     Thousands of people are tweeting angrily as they are unable to exchange messages with their loved ones, their business partners or their friends. Facebook messenger has grown to a point where it has become a main communication tool for most of the Internet users, which have a Facebook account, hence the ubiquitous frustration that is being caused by the service not working properly.

     There is still no official statement from Facebook, but we are confident that they are already working on the issue and that it will be shortly resolved.



     Facebook are currently investigating the outage, which happens to be caused by an issue with the Messenger API. Click here for more information and updates on the matter.

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