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How CRM software works - Creating customer satisfaction with a click

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Posted on March 19th, 2018 by Erica Silva in Guest Posts

Claiming customer satisfaction and loyalty has never been more difficult. With a large variety of choices available in almost every industry and business sector, the impact on the business environment has been significant.

Customer Service


In today's time, customers are much more aware of their choices and educated about products and services. CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, which is a method used by companies to manage interactions with current and prospective customers. It is a useful strategy put in place by companies to boost their productivity and improve customer retention and satisfaction.

Other than these factors, the organizations also experience improvement in sales management, overall profitability and productivity, and contact reporting and management. But that's not all that there is to CRM and its benefits.

Many businesses today are now using CRM software to keep up with their customers. It helps them track their data and provide them an experience they are looking for. Keeping a track allows the business to have their up-to-date information, which enables them to treat each customer with individualized services.

Why is CRM important for your business?

A futuristic strategy or vision is essential for any business to last. Most companies are efficient in drawing targets relating to sales, profitability, and business objectives. However, it could be a little challenging to get reliable and updated information on your progress towards those goals.

What strategies have you put in place to translate the multiple streams of data you are collecting from customer service staff, sales, social media monitoring, and marketers to benefit your business?

A CRM system is the best way to gain insight into your customers' latest information in one place. The dashboard works as a simple yet customizable platform where you can access a customer's entire history with your business. You can check their orders, their overall experience, complaints, issues, everything!

The software even enables you to extract valuable information from their public social media, including their likes, dislikes, and content they are sharing about your business.

CRM software is particularly of great use for marketers. It helps them understand and forecast prospective work and sales coming in. This helps them take the right measures at the given time to achieve more accurate results.

Information about customers - both current and prospective - enables a company to have clear visibility of leads and opportunities lingering around in the market. It helps the sales team draw a clear direction from how to achieve profitable sales from simple inquiries.

And while CRM has always been considered as a marketing and sales tool, the customer service teams are now also taking interest to grab amazing benefits from efficient CRM systems.

A business without CRM

So what does a company that doesn't use CRM system looks like?

A business that doesn't sell

Despite competent administration, a business that doesn't utilize CRM fails to achieve impressive sales. Manual collection of data or storing them on your notes and laptops isn't enough. There's more to how valuable information should be processed to make the most out of it.

Customers these days are using multiple platforms to contact you - both online and offline. Sometimes they reach you through a direct call, an email, or through a social media platform. They reach you for queries, for follow-ups, and even for complaints.

If a common platform is not used for customer interactions, as well as vendor management there's a huge risk of missing out on valuable information. Communication between businesses and customers becomes ineffective.

As a result, it leads to customers’ dissatisfaction. Prospective customers do not continue with sales, and current ones switch to competitors. Hence, leaving the business in an unwanted state despite proper administration.

A business that fails to prioritize customers

Prioritizing customers should be the main focus for any successful business. When this factor becomes guesswork, it leads to failure.

As mentioned earlier, just collecting information is not enough. It's important to ensure its completeness to make sense of it. It shouldn't be as complicated as it sounds. However, when extracting valuable details from customers' information becomes a challenge, it wastes valuable selling time.

Customers, no matter how loyal they are, will only stick to you until their demands from your products and services are fulfilled. Therefore, businesses need to take a very individualized approach to fulfill those needs. If the communication is lost, taking that approach becomes impossible.

Ways CRM software can benefit your business

Improving customer service is the most important benefit of using CRM software for your business. But that's not where it ends. There are tons of other amazing benefits why any business should consider implementing this strategy.

Categorizing leads

Having an efficient CRM system that holds all the updated information about your customers puts you in a better position to identify and classify leads. It also makes adding new leads easier.

It requires less work and time to craft customized pitch and even cuts down on response time. This improves the efficiency of the sales team, and they are quicker about moving on and grabbing the next opportunity.

A system that centrally holds complete and accurate information about current and prospective customers allows the sales team to divert their energy and focus on clients that guarantee a competitive edge.

More sales through increased referrals

When a business develops close terms with their customers, up-selling and close-selling opportunities become evident. In addition to maintaining the satisfaction of your existing customers, you can even utilize them as a source of gaining more customers and sales.

Information does not only enable you to keep your current customers happy but also teaches you tactics that could be used to create a chance of winning new business. Satisfied customers will tell others about their experiences, and this is how you can cash in on getting more sales. It does not only increase the likelihood of them becoming loyal to your business, but they can also spend up to 33% more as repeat customers.


Businesses often overlook this fantastic benefit of CRM software. The system enables a company to gather information from a variety of sources. It's an insight into what the people outside of the business think about you.

Different customers with varying experiences will have different things to say about your business and its services. Instead of taking them as negative feedback, an organization can identify the weak links within and work on improving those areas.

Identifying gaps and improving products and services to fill those gaps is also a great way to win back your customers, who previously had a bad experience with you. It gives the business a chance to make a customer happy and by harnessing the power of social media, can also attract a whole lot of new customers as well.

Improved customer satisfaction

This is one of the prime reasons to implement a CRM system. By putting this strategy in place, all dealings including marketing, servicing, and selling your products and services to the customers can be carried out in an efficiently systematic and organized manner.

The information collected from the customers gives you a better understanding of their problems and issues associated with your business. By resolving them efficiently and timely, you can improve their experience and thus can increase their customer loyalty.

Happy customers are more willing to provide regular feedback about your business. If you manage to keep up their satisfaction, there are high chances they will introduce you to their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Internal communication

The communication does not only improve with the customers but also within the organization. Traditionally, customer data was only shared between the sales and marketing team. However, by identifying the benefits of utilizing this data throughout the different departments of the organization, all the departments work as a team.

Instead of having multiple isolated entities within an organization, they work together with better communication, which also enables them to achieve other targets and goals of the organization.

Improved Organization

The more data you have about your customers, the better position you are in to offer them the kind of experience they are looking for. The information extracted needs to be properly identified, categorized, documented and recorded.

This makes it essential to think beyond filing folders and sticky notes. Disorganization will be your first step towards failure. This is where advanced organization technology plays its role. It does not only help you accurately categorize and quantify the collected data, but it also makes future referencing easy. Moreover, sharing the data across different departments within the organization also becomes easier and more time-efficient.

Automation of tasks

Just attracting a customer does not guarantee to close a sale. To ensure a sale is completed efficiently, there may be some smaller tasks that need to be taken care of. Based on the type of business you are operating, these may include filling forms, preparing reports, and addressing legal issues, etc. These tasks are not only time consuming but also crucial for the sales process.

An efficient CRM software can easily manage most of these tasks and increase efficiency within the sales department. This high tech software is designed with the element of automation to take the burden off. The automation of these tasks enables the department to focus more on closing leads to a successful sale.

Optimized performance

Businesses like call centers use CRM software to enable their customers to make better decisions with the help of available information. The software records everything on a single dashboard, which shows a real-time picture of the current standing of your business and ways it can analyze and boost its performance.

You can also keep a check on prospects receiving and responding to your emails. The results give you the opportunity to take better and more informed decisions. As a business, your focus should be on employing software that is directly aligned with the strategy of your business. It should by no means increase your overhead expenses.

Improved pipeline management

An efficient CRM system also plays a role in an organization's pipeline management. It enhances the process of directing and overseeing the futuristic sales on different organizational stages. CRM pipeline management also enables the operating managers to find answers to various essential questions.

First and foremost, the system enables you to come to accurate conclusions for future revenues. It also allows you to identify weak links and improve the overall sales process. It also gives a warning sign in time if there's a chance for future sales to slump. These benefits are usually associated with advanced CRM software like the ones designed by Salesmate.

Cloud computing CRM revolution and its benefits

If the benefits mentioned above weren't enough, we have more. The step towards cloud computing is one of the best developments with regards to CRM systems. Organizations are finding this latest development much more empowering as it doesn't require installing the software on multiple devices. In fact, it has made moving data, services, and software much more comfortable without compromising on online security.

Here are some more benefits of cloud computing CRM revolution:

Freedom to work remotely

A CRM system based on cloud computing removes the barrier of location. It allows the user to access information from anywhere, anytime. Your sales team on the go can instantly log in to access data and immediately update the data after a meeting from any part of the world.

The same information is available to all the people who have access to the system. These include people from sales and marketing departments and customer service representatives.

Cost reduction

The system does not only make operations useful but is also quick to implement and easy to use. One does not need to learn special techniques for cloud-based CRM systems. There are no requirements for additional hardware either.

The cost of the system is, however, based on the types of features you want and the number of users who will access it. Keeping in mind the capital outlay and efficiency of the procedures, the deal can be pretty cost-effective.

Utilizing CRM at its best: Effective ways to use the system increase customer satisfaction with a click

For any business to last successfully, the focus should be on establishing positive and long-lasting relationships with customers. Luckily, an efficient CRM system will help you achieve that goal. Here are the top three tips:

Connect with your customers

Most organizations mainly focus on making new customers and nurturing leads. While there's nothing wrong with that, the organization must not forget about the existing customer during that process.

It's important to predominantly focus on customers you have already earned. Tell them they are valuable to you through regular communication. Have a backup plan for customers you lose to your competitors over time.

The key to establishing a long-lasting relationship is based on mutual trust. However, the initiative of reaching out to customers should be done from your end as a business. Don't forget, you need them much more than they need you.

In addition to sending them emails, brochures, coupons, and other reminders through email from time to time, be responsive when something goes wrong to save your business from a negative remark.

Social media is more powerful than you think. A single negative word out there about your business and the damage could be long-lasting. Don't become a stranger to people who once trusted you.

Keep track of what your customers want

Aim to expand the data of the customers you already have. Gathering insights on your audience on a regular basis is essential. It helps you maintain updated information. People change their names, address, etc. Without regularly updating the database, you can miss out on reconnecting with your customers.

In addition to keeping track, gathering their data also shows your customers and prospects that you care. This is great when it comes to providing personalized services for customer loyalty.

Reward your customers

An effective loyalty program is all you need to transform your business. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you keep up with the growing and changing demands of your customers, you are likely to gain their loyalty for life.

A reward program is an easy way to keep your existing, loyal customers happy and satisfied. The CRM system helps you identify them and even gives you details about their personal data.

Use that information to express your appreciation. The rewards can be anything you know will be meaningful to your customers. Regardless of the value, the reward should connect with the customer you are offering it to.

Final Word

Instead of operating as an organization that dominates the customers, work it the other way round for bigger benefits. Once you have made the decision to implement a CRM software in your organization, the next step is to find the right company to provide you exactly what you are looking for.

The system would come with a price tag depending on the different CRM software, but it's absolutely worth it as long as you are able to reap the benefits and establish a positive relationship with your customers for a successful business.

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