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IBM Power 7 Systems

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Posted on October 26th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

IBM Power 7Which is the most reliable server hardware and operating system? Well, it turns out that the most reliable piece of hardware out there is the IBM Power 7 system, running AIX, scores at least 99.99% server uptime. This translates to 15 minutes of downtime per year. This is quite amazing. Imagine this was your web hosting provider. It is not surprising that IBM are rock solid amongst other alternatives. IBM, or International Business Machines, has nearly 100 years of history behind their backs. Some think that to succeed you need to be the first company on the market, or the best one. It seems that IBM benefits from both.

There is a lot of buzz around green computing and green data centers. We even mentioned those a couple of times. But what does “Green” mean? If environmental friendly computing translates to efficiency and workload optimization, then there you have it. There are two ways to help the environment while meeting the ever increasing demand for faster performance - make your it equipment run on green energy or make it as efficient as possible. In a perfect world you would have both, but in the most common case scenario we are still firmly attached to the power company and making the most out of the electricity you use, can really pay off. While most servers use 10% of their capacity most of the time, the Power7 series utilize up to 90% of the capacity thanks to their new virtualization capabilities.

The price you would pay for an entry level system is also quite reasonable. You can have one of IBM’s latest server platform for around 6,500$ (prices may vary). If you like to upgrade later on, you are also provided with a lot of upgrade options. Scalability is practically built into the servers, so upgrading is the last issue you could probably have with IBM Power 7 server systems.

What is your take on the new IBM server solution? Do you find it reliable, or do you favor another product over the IBM? If you are a proud owner of a Power 7, we are more than curious to monitor your IBM server and check if the system meets the average 99.99% uptime.

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