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Top 10 Poker Sites Uptime

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Posted on June 6th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in WebSitePulse News, Tech

PokerDue to their nature, online poker sites are quite interesting to monitor. Along with other niches such as money transfers, live scores and FOREX sites, poker is relying on steady wind and a minimum set of interruptions to function properly. Poor performance and unavailable services are likely to cost players to any site failing to meet common expectations. We’ve decided to test the 10 most popular pokers sites and now we are ready to present our results. Poker can be fun and a lot of people choose to spend their leisure time spending a few bucks online. We hope our test help you choose the best place to try your luck.

Poker Site

Response Time


Uptime 0,85 0 100,00 0,98 2 99,97 1,49 51 99,31 1,89 0 100,00 0,90 2 99,97 1,23 1 99,99 1,79 32 99,57 0,75 15 99,80 0,98 27 99,63 1,31 1 99,99










We have decided to test from 3 different continents, so we can bring you reliable data, no matter where you access the sites from.  We ran our test from New York, London and Sydney. After 3 weeks of testing, we have a dataset big enough to clearly see which sites fail to meet the 100% uptime. We’ve ran over 2,400 consequential test on each site before publishing the results.

Only 2 out of 10 sites pass with flying colors. and seem to be the true winners, although we can’t call sites with 1 or 2 loading issues losers. If you look at the table the other way around, 4 out of 10 sites had serious issues, involving multiple timeouts, no reply from the host and the occasional connection error.

Any accumulated downtime here is somewhat negligible. It does not mean it is OK for a site to be experiencing it, but it is hardly something that would throw off the majority of users if other perks are at place. You can hardly notice the difference in the graph (click on it to enlarge), but even that little difference translates to several hours of service downtime.

Uptime by city


Response time tests (not to be confused with full webpage tests) returning any values below 1 second is considered good. Some users can sense a delay of one second; however they still feel in control of the overall process and don’t lose interest. Most sites here did fairly well, and under 2 seconds. With 100% uptime from all test locations, scored the poorest response time of all sites, including and, the overall worst performers from the test. managed to stay afloat, we’ll give it that.

Digging a bit deeper, we saw that response time is, as expected, worse from Sydney, Australia. That really affected the overall results. While results from London and New York never exceeded and average of 1.5 seconds, results from Australia went up to a bit over 3.5 seconds. Connection related errors and timeouts from Sydney are not more than those from London and New York. 3.55 seconds for from Australia is what influenced the response time results the most.

Response time  by city

The number of errors is quite consistent from all 3 test locations, proving that connectivity issues, while present, are not the main problem. Timeouts present a much larger portion of all errors. 4 of 10 sites can spend some extra time working on their availability. and not only generated the higher number of errors, but also scored low on the response time chart. and are a curious case. With one of the better response time averages, one should wonder why they have that amount of timeouts and connection errors, compared to the other two sites. Low response time and occasional timeout errors can mean peak periods, which all 4 sites need to cope with.

Poker Site

Response Time


Uptime 1,49 51 99,31 1,79 32 99,57 0,75 15 99,80 0,98 27 99,63


Fails by city

None of the big online poker sites would allow themselves to be exposed to extended periods of downtime. However, the facts show that 4 out of 10 are not being able to offer the same level of performance achievable by the rest. Then again we have to consider the fact that some sites are more popular than others, but in general all of them yield a considerable amount of traffic. Dealing with it translates to profit and growth.

If you are the proud owner of a smaller online poker website, or simply need to know which sites you can count on to be online when you need them, consider our free website monitoring trial. Playing in your spare time should be fun, so let’s not take away the fun of it with unwanted downtime.

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