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Vacation Planning Websites Performed Great during Vacation Season

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Posted on July 8th, 2013 by Boyana Peeva in Tech

vacation-booking onlineBooking a vacation is now easier than ever – Internet allows you to do it any time of the day or night, compare choices and then make an informed decision, and most importantly – sort out the vacation instantly and hassle-free.

You no longer have to physically go from one travel agency to another, coordinate your schedule with their business hours, gather paper brochures and spend days or even months choosing your destination. As time is the most precious asset to anyone today, online businesses – if managed properly – are the biggest time-saver for users. And when we say “if managed properly”, we mean websites that in addition to having a great design, useful and regularly updated content and are user-friendly, are also up and running 24/7. Needless to say, if a website with sharp design and content is slow or down, it is of absolutely no use to anyone, and it could spoil the users’ experience to such an extent that they may never come back to it.

This is why we are interested to find out how vacation-booking websites perform during the busiest holiday-planning season – from May 19th until June 30th. We monitored 12 of the most popular ones, and here’s what we discovered:

Two of the websites and showed an enviable 100% uptime during the whole monitoring period. This is no surprise for as it demonstrated same perfection last year as well. That website was with one of the best response times as well – only 5.298 seconds., on the other hand, had the lowest response time - 4.682. Surprisingly, however, other well-known vacation-planning websites such as and scored lower uptime results – 99.973% and 99.919% respectively. These results mean that either these websites were not prepared to handle unexpected high traffic, or a technical issue has affected their uptime. was unfortunately the slowest and least available from all monitored websites during the monitoring period with response time as high as 15.489 seconds which could have been frustrating to some users. Its uptime was 99.938% meaning its downtime was 0.062%, which could have resulted into revenue loss for the website and unsuccessful payment transaction or booking for the user. Last year, however, that website showed way better results, so they seem to be capable of being more prepared for the online traffic during the next season.

As users become more choosy and impatient with time, and some rely almost entirely on technology and Internet, it is of a vast importance, for those who have businesses online, to ensure their websites’ uptime and availability. You may gain a client in second, but you could just as easily lose him if you make him wait just a few extra seconds.

See the full performance report of the 12 monitored websites, and learn how monitoring your website will ensure that you will be the first to know when a problem with your website occurs, so you could fix it before anyone notices.

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