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Effectively Monitoring Mobile Websites

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Last updated June 17th, 2013 by Boyana Peeva in Tech

mobile monitoringUsing mobile devices such as smartphones is not just about phone calls and text messaging anymore.  There is no denying the popularity of using mobile options to access internet content.  The primary medium for accessing the internet, across all age groups, has now become a mobile device and this trend has steadily progressed on a sharp upward trajectory in recent years, with no sign of slowing down.

Because of the high and steadily increasing number of internet surfers who use a mobile device to access the internet, the likelihood of your website's content being viewed by a mobile device is about as likely as the sun rising tomorrow.  It will happen - and you need to make sure your mobile content is streamlined to perform properly across as many mobile platforms as possible.

According to Mobile Web Watch 2012, an internet usage statistical survey, more than 60% of adults access the internet from smartphones or tablets, and that number will only continue increasing in the future as web-enabled mobile devices are made more affordable on an international scale and the availability of wireless internet continues to spread to every civilized corner of the globe.

In other areas of the survey, 85% of all respondents claimed they access the internet via mobile device at least once per day, with 58% of the internet utilization being for personal reasons and 20% for work-related matters.  Using mobile devices is clearly not just for phone calls and text messaging anymore.  Maintaining a strong web presence now requires that your internet content be optimized not only for desktop access but also for mobile experiences, let's you fall behind your competitors and lose exposure, revenue, and clientele simply because you weren't ready for the mobile revolution.

Mobile internet users are looking for and expect to find superior quality content optimized for their mobile devices on par with what they are used to experiencing when using a desktop or laptop computer.  To ensure that the mobile versions of your web-based content are optimized for users on most mobile platforms, you should take into consideration the benefits of monitoring your mobile content.

Just because your website is online does not mean that people are able to access the mobile version.  Mobile monitoring offers the same benefits and is essentially the same as traditional monitoring for desktop-optimized content, but the focus is strictly on making sure your mobile site is available and accessible and provides a consistent and positive online experience for your users.

By monitoring the end-to-end health and performance of your mobile-friendly website, you can examine your content pre-launch to deal with any glitches as well as monitor the day-to-day performance after your site has been launched to keep the content optimized for mobile usage.

Does your site's mobile content load quickly and correctly?  This is one of the most important aspects, aside from usability, of your mobile-friendly website because mobile users have even less patience than desktop users when it comes to wanting internet content displayed without delay.

Another important aspect is how well your mobile content performs across most major device operating systems (iOS, Android, and Blackberry, to name a few).  Additionally, is your site accessible and functional when it is accessed from a variety of locations around the world?  Mobile monitoring makes sure your site can be found and used when accessed internationally.

Our world is already saturated with affordable internet-enabled mobile devices, which are being powered by broader network coverage, speed-of-light connections, practically unlimited WiFi access, and a mobile app for anything under the sun.  The demand for mobile-friendly content is not going away, and if your site isn't optimized for mobile experiences you could be losing exposure, recognition, revenue, and clientele.

Regardless of the direction your business is taking or the industry you're in, you need a mobile version of your website and you need to make sure it works.

Boyana Peeva

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