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How to Check a Hostname

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Last updated July 30th, 2013 by Boyana Peeva in Tech

HostnameChecking a Hostname

When you are putting up a website, you want to make sure that your URL is resolved to your correct IP address so that people searching for you will find your site. While you don't depend on major business coming from this action, it is important enough to ensure it works correctly and that others can locate your information when needed.

The Software Option

Some prefer using software to check a host name, which is a viable option. If you do choose to do this, there is a wide variety of software available which will allow you to run a URL, webpage, or blog through the software to check on the status of a site. While this is a suitable alternative, it can also be expensive. In many cases, you have the option of either purchasing the software, or buying a premium package which allows you to keep using the service monthly. Check around if you decide to use this option so that you get the greatest value for your money.

Hire Someone

Another option is to hire a tech-savvy computer whiz to do it for you. Generally such services cost between $25-$100 per hour, so keep this in mind when hiring a tech expert. This option is attractive since it allows you to turn the work over to someone else so you will not have to worry about it. However, if you have someone else to do this, they will have information on your site that you do not view personally, so make sure it is someone you can trust completely.

Other Options

Other ways to check a hostname  include going to one of the various online sites which allow you to check your IP address and resolve the hostname to the IP. But how do you know how accurate that information is? Alternatively, you could use programming language, if you are a programmer or computer whiz, to check for a hostname. However, all of this complicates the issue and who has time to try all these methods to perform one simple task. The best idea is to find an online tool which delivers what it says it will and which you can return to anytime. At WebSitePulse, we allow you to use a convenient online tool to find a host name, monitor the important aspects of the website or page you are working on, and see how long a page takes to load.

Do It Yourself

As discussed above, there are many ways you can check a hostname yourself, using the software option, various online tools, or other resources available on the web. But using some of these sources can be confusing, and it is hard to know which one to use. So how can  you find the best way to do this with the most minimal level of confusion while getting the job done? It is always best to keep it simple.

Keeping It Simple

To check your host name, do the following:

Go to: Website Tools and enter the URL. Check for a website, specific webpage, header, or link. Enter all information. Once all the information is entered, the tool will verify the status of the server. It will then download the full HTML of the site, link, or header, and measure the download time of the site or page.

This information is valuable to anyone with a website, blog, or webpage because you need to know how long it takes someone to find you, access your page, and download the page information.

On our site, you can also choose the monitoring location from one of three options: New York, NY, Munich, Germany, or Melbourne, Australia. If you want to have this service continually, you may register for monthly monitoring at: Website Monitoring.

By using this one-stop solution to checking a host name, you can bookmark the page and come back to it again. This allows you to monitor multiple host names, domains, and websites with minimal fuss. Business owners don't have time to look on the internet to find a solution each time they need to check a host name. By using our service each time, you know the results are reliable and consistent, and it provides an easy solution to the issue.

Streamlining your business solutions is the most time-efficient thing you can do to pull everything together when you own a business. By using our convenient tool, you will save time and profit more.

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