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Remote Monitoring - Server, Desktop, Video and Mind

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Last updated May 27th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Monitoring

Remote monitoringI was on the computer, doing a search on "Remote Monitoring" the other day, and I came across one obvious, two common and one bizarre result.

Remote Server Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a phrase that needs context. It shouldn't even be the text itself, but it might be the main theme of a site, book, conversation, etc. For example, when you are reading this blog, you are thinking of website monitoring and remote server monitoring, which is quite normal. In fact, it means we've done our job right and you are here to learn more about monitoring of various network devices. Basically, what is all about.

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote monitoring was also one of the phrases I used while searching for a budget way to monitor my apartment, while I'm away. After narrowing down my search to "remote video monitoring" I still wasn't able to find a cheap way to see what is going on back at my place, by using only my desktop computer and web cam. Then I found a site called which gave me all I need - I made a quick account and connected my web cam. In less than 10 minutes I was already broadcasting a view from my room to the world (well, mostly me and a couple of friends). You can do it for fun, amateur security, even to keep an eye on your landlord. One cool feature is the option to record while streaming.

Remote Desktop Monitoring

If you work in a larger company you might already know what remote desktop monitoring is. Furthermore, it most likely is a happening to you on a daily basis without you even noticing. This is what big companies do. Screenshot of your desktop every now and then, or live monitoring while you are working is a reality of today's corporate practice (especially if you are on a trial).

Remote Viewing

Here things get a bit bizarre. While searching for various information on monitoring, I came across a phenomenon known as "Remote Viewing". RV (Remote Viewing) is the purported ability to psychically monitor events, sites, or information from a great distance. Curiously, the US government funded a research on the phenomena in an effort to gain tactical advantage over potential threats. It was part of the research project in the early 90's - the Stargate Project. In present days people still show interest in this practice and there are many sites giving you tips how to try it on your own. A simple web search ought to give you a good starting point.

I'm afraid we can't place a camera in your hall. We definitely have no desire to monitor your desktop, or spy on you from the twilight zone. What we can do is provide you with a top-shelf website and server monitoring service ;).

Victoria Pal

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