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Website Monitoring for Availability and Performance

The WebSitePulse Website monitoring service provides 24/7 mission-critical remote availability monitoring and performance measurement of your website from end-user perspective. With two service options, Performance website monitoring simulating repeat user and Full-page website monitoring, simulating first-time user experience, this monitoring service gives you real insight into what your end-users are experiencing with your website. The website monitoring is performed simultaneously from up to 42 monitoring stations of our Global Monitoring network. Real-time multimedia alerts are sent when web page errors occur, website performance thresholds are exceeded or connectivity problems are detected and verified from up to three independent monitoring resources. Make sure that your website delivers the proper page contents to the end-users and website download speed within the industry standards. Monitor websites for unauthorized changes of web page contents, website defacing, and protect customer information.

Key Features

  • Monitor Your Website Free for 30 Days
  • The website monitoring service starts immediately without costly IT investments and long implementation periods of client-side software
  • 24/7 remote monitoring - monitor your websites around the clock from our Global Monitoring Network up to every minute
  • Immediate error detection with "triple stage" verification process from three independent monitoring resources
  • Performance website monitoring simulates repeat user experience - the monitoring agent performs a specified request and downloads the header and all HTML web page contents without images and other embedded objects, simulating repeat user to your web site.
  • Full-page website monitoring simulates First-time user experience - the monitoring agent performs a specified request and downloads the header, all HTML web page contents, all images and all other embedded objects, simulating first-time user of the website.
  • Supports predefined and custom user-agents
  • Supports cookies
  • Monitors and verifies file size, MD5 checksum, contents of the web page for present or missing text string
  • Supports external objects like links
  • Forced website monitoring upon error detection
  • Performs trace route upon detection of connectivity errors
  • Instant multimedia alerts by SMS, phone, email, Instant messenger and other
  • Flexible and customizable alert escalation schedules to unlimited number of notification contacts
  • Do Not Disturb times when contacts are not to be notified
  • Multi-level location correlated alert notification system based on the number of monitoring locations detecting an error
  • Target dependency rules for alerts optimization
  • Web site maintenance schedules
  • Performance and availability reports with up to the minute detailed website information across multiple monitoring locations
  • Snapshots of the monitored web page in case of an error
  • Snapshot of the monitored web page from the last check made
  • Breakdown of the web page components' download speed - DNS resolution time, connect time, redirect time, first byte and last byte times.
  • Internal and external objects detailed breakdown download speed - images, frames, scripts, Java, Flash or other embedded objects
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports by email indicating your website uptime and performance
  • 24/7 live customer support by email and phone

Key Benefits

  • Provides multimedia alerts with details about problems detected with your website and specific web pages
  • Reduces downtime by up to 80% compared to typical website downtime without alert notification services
  • Helps and simplifies detection and resolution of problems and malfunction of web site components, unauthorized changes of your web pages and website defacing
  • Dramatically reduces the time to troubleshoot a failed website
  • Minimizes IT cost and expenses
  • Provides complete overview of website performance and uptime, to help proactively locate and fix bottlenecks in your web system
  • Improves customer experience and increase customer satisfaction with excellent performance of your website and its web pages
  • Eliminates the risk of loss of revenue and credibility
  • Helps with hosting performance evaluation
  • Increases the efficiency of mission-critical e-business operations


  • Monitor Your Website Free for 30 Days!
  • Pricing starts at $3/month to monitor website
  • Pay only for the web monitoring and alert notification services you use
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • We'll beat any price for comparable monitoring services

Please use our Instant Price Quote to create your own monitoring service configurations including any level of service.

Some of the most popular website monitoring service configurations are:

HTTP performance
10 min. interval
1 monitoring location
$9.00/monthadd to quote
HTTP full-page
30 min. interval
1 monitoring location
test 200 references
$20.00/monthadd to quote
HTTPS performance
10 min. interval
3 monitoring locations
$20.00/monthadd to quote

For custom web monitoring and website monitoring solutions, suggestions or questions, and how to purchase or trial the WebSitePulse remote monitoring services please contact Sales at 1-888-WSPULSE (977-8573) x1 or via email at

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