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Using Third Party for Mass Email Campaigns

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Posted on September 9th, 2013 by Boyana Peeva in Tech

Message in a bottle

Mass emailing has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for both small and big companies. The total cost of running an email campaign is significantly less than using other marketing channels. Businesses have the option of either setting up their own email servers and then creating and handling the email campaigns, or using a third party mass emailing service.

The Benefits of Using A Third Party Bulk Email Marketing Providers


Save time and resources

Many small and midsize businesses do not have enough time or resources to sufficiently handle an email marketing campaign. A third party service enables you to save the time and resources required to setup and manage an effective mass email campaign owing to the large number of tools that are offered to automate the tasks.

Effectively build and manage your email database

Online mass email providers provide you with various tools to enable you create, build and manage your email database. Initially, you have to create the database manually, and then import your existing email lists. After that, you can place links on your sites which allow visitors to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to your email updates. By doing so, you will be able to build and manage your database without much effort on your part.

Send unlimited emails

Your ISP will usually limit the number of emails that you can send per day, in an effort to fight spam. In addition, most ISPs limit the number of unique email recipients per day from as few as 25 up to 1000 depending on a number of factors. However, using a third party mass email service enables you to overcome such limits. Most of these online services offer different options, with regard to the number of emails recipients and/or number of emails that can be sent, in order to cater to your individual needs and budget. You can either pay a monthly fee based on the size of your email list or use a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Organize and manage your lists and email campaigns

If you want your mass email campaigns to be successful, you need to customize your email lists to cater to the different needs and tastes of different target audiences. Third party bulk email marketing services offer powerful online tools that enable you to create, segment, and organize your lists to suit specific criteria or purposes. Segmenting your database into smaller email lists enables you to run more relevant email campaigns as opposed to flooding your audiences with unwanted emails.

Powerful tracking capabilities

Sending your own emails limits your tracking capabilities to only “read-receipts”. Third party providers on the other hand, offer powerful tracking and reporting options including:

  • The number of emails received
  • The number of emails that were labeled spam
  • The number of recipients that opened your emails
  • Click-throughs or the links that were clicked on
  • The conversion rates

Using some of these reports, you can determine the market trends; learn what interests your audiences more, as well as what works or doesn’t work for you. As such, you can improve on future email marketing campaigns and know where to focus your campaigns.

Conform to the latest anti-spam policies

The greatest risk of using your personal email server for bulk email marketing is that your email account could be flagged for sending spam. The consequences for this could be quite severe; it could lead to closure of your email account and even your website to be shut down. Third party bulk email providers have a close working relationship with ISPs. As such, they are aware of the latest spam laws and guidelines. These providers will ensure that your mass email campaigns conform to the latest anti-spam policies. In addition, they use special email protocols to enable spam-filters to identify your emails as legitimate. With these online services, you have the option of testing your emails against various spam filters before going live. The tests ensure that the subject or content of your email messages don’t bear the characteristics of spam.

Send Personalized email newsletters

Third party mass email services offer a wide variety of templates, as well as visual online editors to enable you personalize your email newsletters. The templates and visual editor are particularly useful if you lack the required artistic and design skills to create unique HTML and text layouts for your emails. If you don’t want to use the available templates, you can create or buy custom templates for your business. The mass email service providers allow you to import compatible custom email templates.


The Disadvantages of Third Party Providers



As with any online service, third party bulk email services face challenges from the ever-evolving security threats including hacking, DDOS and many others.


Some small businesses consider these third party services expensive, even though they offer different pricing packages. Such businesses would rather handle their mass email campaigns on their own.

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