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A Closer Look At The Shifts Taking Place In Web Development

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Posted on August 31st, 2018 by Melissa Crooks in Guest Posts

Web Development

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The world of web development is always shifting and changing. This is especially true when it comes to WordPress and PHP as well. So how do web development companies remain ahead of the curve? By monitoring WordPress and PHP developments closely, of course.

There are a number of key shifts taking place in web development in 2018 and these changes will also affect WordPress users and app developers who rely on PHP frameworks. The more that web development professionals know about the following changes that are taking place, the easier their job becomes.

How Are WordPress Shifts Affecting Web Development?

Let's take a closer look at what is constantly changing in WordPress that developers should have in mind:

New and Interesting Color Schemes

Now that the modern mobile browser is inundated with options, web developers who use WordPress are always looking for ways to make sites stand out. The concept of color related psychology is coming into play more often than ever before. This makes it easier for those who work in web development to play around with a wide range of palettes.

Taking color schemes to new and interesting extremes is a great way to stand out in 2018. Site builders that are looking for a visual hook would do well to consider these benefits and get on board with the latest trends.

Utilizing The Proper Typography

The colors that are used for a WordPress site are always going to be important but what about the lettering? The best web development takes place when all of the necessary considerations are made. Why would a developer continue to rely on traditional (read: outdated) fonts when there are so many new and interesting options to choose from? This is a chance to get creative!


Every mobile user has access to gifs these days and the best web developers are finding ways to incorporate them into the sites that they construct. More and more WordPress sites are relying on animated photos as a means of getting their point across and for good reason.

A mobile browser is far more likely to stop and pay closer attention to the message that is being delivered if there is an animated clip to enjoy. Plugins can be used on WordPress as a means of providing more grandiose images to the user.

An Increased Reliance on Push Notifications

As mobile push notifications become more and more common, websites are relying on them on a more frequent basis than ever before. Visitors who like what they see after taking the time to check out a site may decide that they wish to receive more notifications. By embracing this new reality, companies are now able to remain in close contact with their browser.

Messages are sent directly to the browsers' screen if they are willing to receive them. The user is asked to opt in so that there are no unwanted correspondences. Reaching out to mobile visitors is not always easy and that is why companies wish to utilize every possible tool that they have at their disposal.

What Are Some PHP Trends That Need To Be Discussed?

When a mobile app is in the process of being developed, PHP framework is used as the scripting language on the back end. Web developers must take the time to monitor PHP framework trends in order to create the best apps possible. Here are a few of the PHP frameworks that will work best for upcoming projects:


This framework has become popular because of its ease of use. Thanks to its issue free condition, it can be used by almost anyone. It does not matter what their skill level may be. There no installations or command lines required and this makes life even simpler. The introduction process takes place relatively quickly and complex tasks are a breeze.


On the other hand, Zend is used when developers have more complex requirements that relate to their choice of PHP framework. When guaranteed security is a must, Zend is the way to go. This is one of the most commonly used frameworks by modern companies that are not willing to take any chances when it comes to quality and execution.


Another top quality framework for those who may consider themselves to be beginners. If the application in question can be created with the usage of a more lightweight application programming interface, CakePHP can be helpful. This is one of the more accommodating frameworks that is currently available to developers.

What Are The Most Important Web Development Trends?

There always are new innovative things that become trendy that developers should follow to stay on top.

AMP / Accelerated Mobile Pages

It is all about speed. Mobile browsers require greater rates of speed when they are in the process of loading certain pages. Accelerated mobile pages are now accounting for a larger percentage of all web traffic as a result. Once a browser finds something on Google, they are able to pull the item up with just one click.


The average customer does not want to wait until they can speak to a real, live human being when they are having an issue. This is an understandable impulse. As a result, those who work in the web development realm are creating chatbots that allow for questions and concerns to be addressed more quickly. Organizations that lose out on clientele because of poor customer service can now stem the tide.

Static Sites

Every site does not have to contain all of the bells and whistles. The modern browser wants a site that will load quickly. Offering static sites to browsers is one of the best ways to make sure that they will not be forced to endure cumbersome page loading speeds.

Browsers Extensions

Now that browser extensions have begun to increase in popularity, it is time for developers to follow suit. Any company that is interested in increasing their level of marketing reach will be using browser extensions going forward so developers must be willing to provide them.

Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is a Copywriter at Hyperlink Infosystem, leading top app development companies in New York, USA and India having a team of professional app developers who deliver high quality mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. She regularly contributes her knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

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