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A PDA or a Tiny Server?

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Posted on May 26th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

I previously owned an Acer N50. By modern standards the PDA is outdated. When I sold it the first thing a teenager asked me was "Is the mobile phone in it working OK?" Sadly, no, it does not have a mobile phone in it. It's that old now. Despite that fact, it was a great PDA when it was released and still got a lot to offer 4 years later.

Two of its functionalities really gave the Acer N50 a purpose in present times. First of all, it had a USB host function. Not common for pocket PCs in 2005 and still not part of many handheld devices nowadays. This function alone enabled the device to recognize several other devices, such as USB sticks and generally all available USB hardware (well, if drivers are present). In addition, WiFi reception was pretty good too. A network adapter of any kind provides great connectivity options.

This device had an Intel XScale CPU running at 520Mhz, enough to power, let's say a game server. I never used it as a game server myself, but I found that there are enthusiasts out there, able to run Quake 3 server and client on it.

Being able to coop with this CPU load I thought that it might even support other types of servers. I found that there are some very affordable web servers for Windows Mobile out there. I don't imagine it would be a rational use of PDA, but it seems a fun weekend project if you have a PDA lying around.

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Victoria Pal

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