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Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Your SEO

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Last updated July 10th, 2018 by James Cummings in Guides

Cloud computing

The impact of the internet on the business world cannot be understated, with words like 'revolutionized' and 'elevated' regularly employed to describe the current climate. The last three decades have seen businesses gradually adapting to the internet and performing more and more of their operations online. The advancement of internet-based technology has had businesses racing to keep up to maintain their place amongst the competition. However, not every business has done this adequately, and many giants of the past have fallen along the way due to their inability to stay apace. This is normal, though, and will continue to happen as long as markets stay competitive.

Cloud Computing

Most internet users will be familiar with the concept of 'The Cloud.' However, many will not fully understand Cloud services beyond vague ideas, but it’s not exactly a new concept. Some might even be using it now and not be aware, as many internet-based organizations have adopted cloud computing. This form of hosting is gaining more and more popularity; with a little research, it’s clear to see why.

Cloud Computing is the provision of a variety of computing services on the internet. It is utilized primarily by end-users to hold large amounts of data while eliminating physical hardware. This is all handled and protected by the supplying company, The Cloud. Providers possess large data centers that are spread around the world and well protected against most eventualities.

Cloud computing boasts a large number of advantages for users. Some of these are:

Infrastructure and Operation

Cloud computing largely reduces the infrastructural needs of the user. For most cases, the data center in use will be operated and located with the Cloud providers, who will be entirely responsible for it. This, however, will have no impact on the ease with which the user controls their resources within The Cloud. End users can also access Cloud resources required for any amount of workload, with minimal stress.

Cost and Payment

One of the most important characteristics of Cloud computing is the reduction in hardware requirements for end-users. This, of course, substantially reduces costs that would otherwise have been required for hardware purchase, installation, management, and other such overheads. Another related advantage is that end-users will only pay for the amount of data they have stored and the workload required. This system means that the end-user can choose to reduce or increase the amount of Cloud resources in use and be charged accordingly.

Speed and Performance

Cloud providers are capable of handling greater amounts of data than regular users. This capability ensures all users can access resources and data functions quickly. The presence of web provider servers worldwide affords end-users flawless experiences when dealing with websites, regardless of where they are in the world.

Backup Functions and Reliability

The data retained by Cloud providers are extensively protected against negative possibilities that could happen at any of their data centers. Servers are all linked to enable efficient data backup. This means users are insured against any digital disasters or negative occurrences at any one site.

Cloud Computing and Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the more important elements of success required by businesses online. Cloud computing has proven to be a great way to improve a website’s SEO significantly with its many benefits. These benefits include:


During the launch of Umbrellar azure stack, Brendan Wilde -the head of marketing at Umbrellar - pointed out that search engines can now determine the quality of a website. "One of the elements considered is the speed at which pages load on a website. The quicker a page is to load, the better the experience for the customers, and the higher the ranking on search engines. Cloud providers can guarantee infrastructure that can effortlessly handle the transfer of incredible amounts of data. They have also perfected advanced means of transferring the data", he stated. He also added that it all results in pages loading at faster speeds. However, it's always a good practice to check and optimize your website loading speed.

Web Locations

Search engines have algorithms programmed to give precedence to locally hosted sites over those further away or in foreign regions. For instance, when a user keys in "web design Birmingham" on the search bar, only sites within that area will appear on the first page - at least. The implication is that for every search, websites that exist in other regions are far less likely to be displayed. This often means that businesses situated in markets further away from the core of their consumers end up missing out. This is easily solved by Cloud providers who usually have servers based all over the world. Therefore, businesses will not miss out when searches are made due to location, as their sites will be well placed to be found.


Websites are always at risk from a wide range of malware. Guarding against these is often arduous, and many web hosting sites have found themselves inadequately protected. Malware infestations negatively affect websites' SEO; this is done by creating spam, duplicating posts or content, replacing content, and other such actions. Cloud providers can guarantee top-of-the-line security. Their business almost solely depends on the trust of their users, and they make every effort to protect it. Nevertheless, most authority websites use webpage content monitoring just to be on the safe side.

Consequently, Cloud computing is likely the future of web-based businesses, judging by these numerous advantages to SEO.

James Cummings is a top online marketing analyst, brand expert, and business psychologist. James has wide experience at the senior managerial level and has helped deliver staffing solutions to some global brands. He has interfaced at board level with FTSE 100 companies and successfully managed multiple web projects across different niches to their full cycle.

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