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GPU Computing

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Posted on January 20th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

GPU Computing is “the new thing” that is gaining popularity amongst all areas of computing. Graphic cards are now increasing the power of modern data centers, bringing super computer performance to workstations and even aiding tasks on regular desktop computers.

This is important. We fit greater performance in the same physical, while cutting back on utility bills space, thus increasing the efficiency of our hardware. An Australian super computer is now considered the greenest one in the country, only because of its efficiency - 555.5MFlops/Watt. Increasing efficiency in one way to lower the carbon footprint and it looks like it works for them.

IBM is also implementing the technology in their servers. It looks like this is only going one way and we are going to see more of vendors going the GPU way.

Tesla by NVIDIANot too long ago NVIDIA announced their personal supercomputer, called TESLA. With it you can have over 3.7 Teraflops under your desk. It sounds like overkill for regular users, but it is every professional’s dream, especially when the advertised price is below 10,000 USD.

The common PC user can also benefit from having a good graphics card. Applications supporting GPU utilization are emerging. One application making particularly good use of GPUs is BOINC. It can use new NVIDIA chipsets and a good set of ATI products.

To the regular user, to you and me, GPU computing means better web experience in a few short years. Better performance and efficiency will improve the performance of a lot of services on the web and make our lives a bit better. Higher efficiency is one main prerequisite for lowering prices on web services, so we won’t be surprised to see some improvement there as well.

What we, at WebSitePulse, really hope to see is more powerful stable servers and less downtime due to server bottleneck.

Victoria Pal

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