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How to Improve Your eCommerce Checkout Page to Increase Sales?

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Last updated February 12th, 2019 by Manan Ghadawala in

How to Improve Checkout Page for more Sales

If you are running an eCommerce store, you might be knowledgeable enough about how important each page on your website is to bring up the increased sales number each time. Every page on the website has its significance, be it the products category page or the product details page. Every page is equally important to convert a visitor into a customer.

While some may not like the things on your store no matter how elegant they look, they look forward to the checkout page at that time. But, hey! Viewers checking out from your website does not mean that you have lost the deal entirely. You can still get the ball in your court.

A checkout page well designed and structured can bring the viewer back to shop from your website; stay calm! Today we will be reading how you can improve and optimize the checkout page on your eCommerce store to increase the number of sales.

Improve it in your website design

Think of the reason why would the users want to leave your online store. Are the products not displayed well? Is the design not compelling enough to please the customers? Are the product details unclear? If after working on these concerns, you still get to see that people are opting more for the checkout page; think of this as a different opportunity to turn them in. Think of the reasons if they are any of the above, try improving on those reasons first of all.

If after working on these concerns, you still get to see that people are opting out more for the checkout page; think of this as a different opportunity to turn them in.

Consider the following points to enhance your checkout page design for effective sales:

Let them visualize the checkout flow

While you are making everything user-friendly, try applying it on the checkout process. If it seems that everything will be too bulky to fit on one page, then create graphical indicators showing how far has the shopper reached. Create checkout buttons to ease the shopper and add them to the beginning and end of the page.

Lesser the time they spend finding the details, higher the probabilities they will come back to shop.

Show them it’s safe and easy

A shopper will only want to purchase anything from your online store if they are assured that the website is quite secure for them to deal with their bank details. Include all the card logos that you can accept as payment modes. Include the security seals on the top along with the banking logos.

Also, allow the shopper to create an account after checkout, i.e., ask for their details once they are done shopping, it will encourage them to shop more which in return will increase your sales.

Let them continue shopping from the checkout page as well

A move to the checkout page does not mean that the deal is closed already. You never know if the user would have liked the product that was three pages back and would want to purchase that. Encourage them to do so. Give shoppers an option to save their cart details and access it at any point. Make the cart option visible on the checkout page as well.

A better way can be prompting them reminding that they have an item left unpurchased in their cart, which might trigger their minds to hit the purchase button.

Create a continue shopping button on the checkout page. Try placing that differently above the checkout page and make sure to differentiate their colors. The colors of both the buttons should be very different, not even a contrast shade but a different color altogether, e.g., Different colors play different roles as per the functions, let it be evident in the minds of the viewers, and it will help to avoid mistakes of clicking the wrong buttons.

Add the options to save and to email the cart

You might like ten things but budgeted to purchase only seven; won’t you want to keep the products aside for yourself to buy when you visit next time? The shoppers on your online store should be getting an option to save their cart and even add more to the cart if they want to.

Moreover, it also happens that the shopper wants to get the print the shopping details for several different reasons such as get the bill signed for the reimbursement from the office, get the tax benefits and many other reasons. It will be quite comfortable if the shopper can print or at least email the shopping details.

It will help the shoppers if you add the options to save & add to cart and email & print the cart on the checkout page.

Make sure the transaction is flawless

Nobody likes when they click to the next step of the checkout process something to go wrong and they would have to start all over. Chances are you may lose lots of customers if you don't provide a flawless checkout transaction process.

There are many web transaction monitoring services out there which will alert you as soon as a failure occurs so you can take care of the issues before losing more customers.

Optimize the page and the product details

Well, the checkout process is designed to perfect, now what? You need to optimize your checkout page to become a sales booster. The design is all fine, but you still need to add up the details to it to enhance the shopper’s cart experience. Optimizing the details is as important the design of the page.

Here, we mention some points that might help you in optimizing the checkout page as well as boost the sales quotient.

Show the product details and shipping options

When we purchase something, we pay attention to every minor detail of the product to ensure that we bought the correct product. It is always helpful to get a glimpse of our order along with all the details before we make the final card swipe. Consider adding up the ordered product details on the checkout page to let the customer confirm of all the features they want in the product.

Furthermore, listing the shipping methods mean a lot when you deal in the eCommerce website. It is entirely necessary for a customer to know if you are providing delivery in their area before placing the order. Don’t make them plunge over the products and tell them in the end that you won’t be delivering to their area or you don’t have the relevant shipping facility. Add the shipping methods and details close to the checkout page which will ease the purchase process for the shopper.

These two are some critical points to cover before a customer checks out of the online site so that the online store gains the utmost trust and interest of the user for shopping.

Allow update or remove from cart option

Well, the customer does like that dress, but now they find some other dress even prettier than the one already added in the cart. Let them make changes to their choices. Allow them to remove a product from the cart if they want or update the correct one.

Also, recommending similar products based on the client’s taste will benefit from increasing the purchase. Always consider adding a scrolling display that shows a similar product range to the customer which he may like and hit on the purchase. Keep the option of displaying similar products on the checkout page as well which may tempt customer to make another purchase.

The customer is the king and would like to stay for a long-term if they get the excellent benefit from your store which builds up trust as well as fervor in them for shopping.

Wrapping up the value

When you deal in eCommerce, it is quite vital for you to consider the proper display of the products. However, display and design are not the only factors that can increase sales. Optimize your checkout page and the conversion strategies as you move further with the trend.

Furthermore, applying the techniques is not enough; you must test and check if what you used is functioning well.

Also, it would help if you considered taking assistance from an experienced professional, who has the knowledge of all the tactics and applications which will help you boost up your business numbers.

Manan Ghadawala

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