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How WoW Manage Their Downtime

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Posted on February 9th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in Tech

World of WarcraftWorld Of Warcraft (WoW) servers, like other servers, go down from time to time. The great thing about WoW downtime is that it is, most of the time, predictable. Server downtime occurs when the Warcraft servers are inoperable or inaccessible to users. Downtime can occur when Realm servers are temporarily unavailable for maintenance or when an unexpected error appears within the Authentication servers.

Unscheduled downtime at Blizzard rarely lasts more than a couple of hours. This is possible mostly due to their scheduled downtime. Wait, what? Yes, they spend a lot of time maintaining the servers you login to, well, let’s be honest – every day!

Realm Maintenance - ~6 hours downtime

Tuesday morning downtime a.k.a. the period between 5am and 11am PST/PDT on a Tuesday morning is when Blizzard takes down all of the North American and Oceanic WoW realms for weekly maintenance. 6 hours each week ensure you will not suffer longer period of downtime.

On Wednesday morning, between 5am and 11am CEST (Paris Time) the so called Wednesday morning downtime takes down all of the European World of Warcraft realms for weekly maintenance.

So, for 6 hours each week, no one can play WoW. This is mostly the time when a couple of guys I knew went shopping.

Realm Restart

These usually take less than 15 minutes before servers are up and running. They might appear more often, but users usually get in-game notification 15 minutes prior to server restart.

Information on scheduler server downtime can be found on Blizzard's official Service Status forum

United States Scheduled Downtime

Europe Scheduled Downtime

Is Your Realm Available?

If you like to know whether your Realm is up and running, you can get the IP from here and enter it in our traceroute tool.

If you don’t know the IP of your realm, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Start WoW & log in to the realm you want to trace. (the server must be available)
  2. Press ALT-TAB to minimize WoW and return to the desktop.
  3. Click Start, then Run, then type "cmd"
  4. In the DOS window type "netstat -an"

You will see 2 IP addresses - the first will be Established on port 1119, 3724, 6112, 6113, or 6114, and the 2nd will show an established connection on a random port. It will look like this:



The first line is your connection to Blizzard's login server. The line below should be the IP address of your server.

You can then get the IP and port and enter them into our Server Test Tool. Don’t forget to enter "custom://", because you will be testing a random port, which you need to enter. You will be able to see whether the server is available and, depending on the response time, whether to expect lag.

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