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Next Generation Intel Atom

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Posted on July 8th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Intel AtomThe N450, the latest in mobile processors form Intel. The Intel Atom N450 has one main advantage over the previous versions - the CUP and GPU are snapped in together, resulting in only one chip instead of two. What Intel refer to as "Lower thermal design point" is just a fancy way of saying your netbook will run cooler, enabling netbook manufacturers to completely remove the fan from their products. With the option of having the fan removed and overall power consumption reduced, the CPU is a prerequisite for thinner designs and longer battery life.

Intel has also released 2 CPUs for entry level, low power consumption desktop PCs. The Atom D410 is the single core version and the Atom D510 is its bigger dual core brother. With both CPUs running cooler we are soon to expect a fully capable desktop PC, less than two liters in size. Intel Atom CPUs are already capable of fulfilling a lot of tasks other and more powerful CPUs usually handle. One fine example is DVD to DivX video conversion. A dual core Atom can convert a movie with nearly real-time speed, while consuming far less power than a conventional CPU would.

With netbooks and entry desktop PCs covers we can move on to servers and even data center units. With low power consumption and processors getting more powerful and cheaper, it is only a matter of time before server clusters become cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Microsoft are already taking the first steps and others are soon to follow.

Servers based on new Intel Atom CPUs might end up consuming several times less power than current servers. When idle Intel Atom CPUs consume only about 3-4 watts, compared to 55-100 watts for a lot of today's server units. We will all benefit from this. In the long run we are about to witness cheaper online storage, improved performance and lower carbon footprint.

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