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Olympic Sites Show Golden Performance

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Posted on August 16th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in WebSitePulse News, Tech

OlympicWe do website monitoring the way athletes do their thing – with passion! When they hear “challenge”, they understand hard athletic work and dedication to get to the top, when we hear “challenge”, though – we understand website performance, optimization, graphs, stats, you get the point.

What we did for our own Olympics season is simple - chose the sites, set the targets, set the metrics and then just waited. Our goal was to see how the leading news websites would handle the huge traffic increase, and, to be fair, most of them did quite well.

We chose 10 websites, set 5 monitoring locations, and this time around not only did we measure their response and uptime, but also decided to go factual and see how many times they truly returned or not the coveted “200 OK”.

First, the average response time:

Average response time

As you can see, the fast loading time was a real challenge for most of the websites. Just one of them managed to keep below the ~5sec mark -, and our guess is that they didn’t take that much heat, because they are not so popular as the others. What you may notice as a trend is that they all were at their best from London, and at worst from Sydney. Australians were unlucky in our previous report as well, when we monitored how the vacation booking websites did. Not that much luck from the USA as well as is evident from the stats. Page load speed optimization with CDN, anyone? Top three performers in this metric are definitely, (now moved here) and At the other end of the stick are, and

Next, we wanted to check their uptime:


What you will notice from the graph is that are top notch in this metric. They even covered the “Sydney challenge” so congratulations there. not that much. Actually they have many areas that need serious improvement as you can see from all graphs. and (now moved here) might be good at response time, but the uptime is something they really need to work on. Also, most websites were performing very well from either London or New York, so well done to them as well.

How many times did they actually respond with "200 OK" and not?

OK status


This is a quite simple metric. We wanted to give these out there for you just to see actually how many people out of ~1600 had to leave one of these sites disappointed for a reason of a timeout or connectivity nature. We hope that this will be helpful to a few managers as well, so take notes.


The Average Loading Time and Uptime graphs clearly show that most websites did quite well. We believe that all of them will drastically improve they results for the next four years. And one final request - please, do not forget the Australians!


Victoria Pal

Doesn't like queuing (particularly at Wimbledon). Likes travelling, tennis and reading. Loves working as a Project Manager at WebSitePulse.

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