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The Importance of the WordPress Expires Header

Posted on December 15th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

WordPress Expire HeaderThe importance of “expires header” is growing along with the web page designs which are becoming richer in scripts, images, Flash, etc.

As a result of the growing complexity of web designs, a web page takes longer to load, which is why the site needs an expires header. It simply makes all components such as stylesheets, images and others cacheable or, in other words, prevents unnecessary HTTP requests after the first page view and hence load time is reduced.


Forgot to Pay for Your Domain?

Posted on November 29th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Past due paymentMany people who run a business website overlook the importance of the domain name and its expiration date, and they only hear about it when the website is already down. Well, it is crucial to avoid domain name expiration because it could harm both your business and reputation significantly.

If you forget to renew your domain, you will stop receiving e-mails through your website; the website will simply be not there and replaced with ads. The best case scenario is to lose the site, but still be able to register it.


Service Code 503 - Service Unavailable

Posted on November 15th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

503 Service UnavailableThe service code 503 simply implies that the server is unable to handle a request due to overloading or maintenance of the server. It is important to note that although this condition is temporary and simply causes some delay, some servers may refuse the socket connection, which will result in a different 5xx error code.

Here’s what happens when the browser tries to communicate with the web server:


DDoS Threat Growing

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

DDoS ThreatsApparently the DDoS threat is growing to a point where it is becoming a major concern for data center managers as firewall products’ efficiency is failing.

The security testing organization NSS Labswhich recently discovered that 3 out of 6 firewall devices stop operating when tested for stability. DDoS has been a major threat for network operators for over ten years since their appearance, but recently these attacks have become more aggressive and have increased in frequency and impact.


Protect Your Online Presence

Posted on September 30th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Protect your online presenceGoogle have recently come up with a new feature called “Authorship markup” which, they say, will connect the author to the particular content in order to give it more credibility.

The Authorship markup encourages quality content by helping out its authors to rank better in the search results, according to Sagar Kamdar, Google Product Manager. For this purpose, the markup connects the web content to a Google Profile of its author and then – back to the particular web page. This way the content shows up in the search results, the author is identified, and the reader even sees a photo of the author displayed alongside, when an image is available. Content then looks more trustworthy and credible, and the website content is more protected.