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Protect Your Online Presence

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Posted on September 30th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Protect your online presenceGoogle have recently come up with a new feature called “Authorship markup” which, they say, will connect the author to the particular content in order to give it more credibility.

The Authorship markup encourages quality content by helping out its authors to rank better in the search results, according to Sagar Kamdar, Google Product Manager. For this purpose, the markup connects the web content to a Google Profile of its author and then – back to the particular web page. This way the content shows up in the search results, the author is identified, and the reader even sees a photo of the author displayed alongside, when an image is available. Content then looks more trustworthy and credible, and the website content is more protected.

Google say Authorship markup is quite a new project, and is yet to be improved and simplified. Still, they claim to have made this feature “as easy to implement as possible”. Their first users of this markup have been The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNET and more. Google also claim to have gone even a step further by adding this Authorship markup to everything hosted by YouTube and Blogger. In the future, however, these two platforms will include this feature automatically.

While Google created a feature to protect your website content, WebSitePulse perfected its monitoring service to help you keep an eye on any type of server and network device connected to the Internet, and measure the performance and availability of your websites and applications. Give it a try!

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