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S60 Web Server

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Posted on July 13th, 2010 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Moibile web serverIn the previous post we spoke of the web server application for iPhone. Nice little piece of software that lets you access your mobile from a regular desktop machine. Lucky for Symbian users (mostly Sony Ericsson & Nokia) there is an alternative for S60. The application is called Mobile Web Server.

The latest version of the Nokia mobile web server is available for download absolutely free of charge. You have to register a web server account and you will receive a subdomain ( This web server application isn't exactly an Apache clone for mobile devices, but more of your personality and habits shared with your friends to see.

It is especially good if you like to blog on the go. S60 enabled phones have the facilities to make typing easier for you. It is not an actual web server, in terms of hosting. You post your content on a dedicated page on a server provided by Nokia. Not that bad at all, since your content remains online. You can share everything you want whenever you want it.

With a standard install Python scripts are supported, however, you can also get PHP support with PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP). Actually, that is what you might call an actual, fully operational server on your s60 device. If you wish to squeeze more out of your s60 device it is definitely a topic worth exploring.

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