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WordPress – Outgrowing Its Shoes

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Posted on January 12th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech


WordPress only used to be a blog platform. It is evolving past that and is becoming the CMS of choice for a lot of small business projects and personal sites. Once installed, it will rarely cause your site to go down because of unexpected software related errors.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? It happened simply because it is a great-looking, user-friendly CMS and it is free. It allows you to alter templates, it is supported by numerous plugins and it gets the job done in no time. You can now use it as your personal blog and your business site. You can even sell products online, depending on the theme you purchase.

Apart from being free, it is also very well supported. It is a good time to remind you to install the latest security update. While being frequently updated and maintained, it still requires some attention from your part. The platform is light and can do more than just server updates about your latest travels and personal life. One particularly good framework I recommend you to checkout is Genesis, by StudioPress. Despite of being a very well organized and fairly customizable CMS it still can’t do the job osCommerce can, but then again osCommerce can’t do what WordPress can.

WordPress can meet most of your web publishing needs and we can make sure that everything you publish remains online. Do you run your business site on WordPress? WordPress might be great, but server uptime will never reach 100%. So why don’t let us keep an eye on it?

Victoria Pal

Doesn't like queuing (particularly at Wimbledon). Likes travelling, tennis and reading. Loves working as a Project Manager at WebSitePulse.

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