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Exporting Data from WebSitePulse's API to Google Drive

Posted on June 7th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in Monitoring, Tools, Tech

Google Drive APIWhat’s the fun in having a fully functioning API if you can’t play around with it, right? Sometimes data is needed in different forms to serve a specific purpose. APIs are great when the existing interface and available functions are not enough. Getting data straight to spreadsheets is great for custom reports and graphics. So, let’s learn how to do this.

Today we are going to focus on XML and export data with the HTTP API. Before we start, let me remind you that if you want to replicate and build upon any of what I’m writing below, you will need to register for any of our services – paid, trial or free. They will all give you access to our API and what you have in your account.


Top 10 Poker Sites Uptime

Posted on June 6th, 2012 by Victoria Pal in WebSitePulse News, Tech

PokerDue to their nature, online poker sites are quite interesting to monitor. Along with other niches such as money transfers, live scores and FOREX sites, poker is relying on steady wind and a minimum set of interruptions to function properly. Poor performance and unavailable services are likely to cost players to any site failing to meet common expectations. We’ve decided to test the 10 most popular pokers sites and now we are ready to present our results. Poker can be fun and a lot of people choose to spend their leisure time spending a few bucks online. We hope our test help you choose the best place to try your luck.

Poker Site

Response Time


The Great Firewall of China - Piercing the Golden Shield

Posted on May 31st, 2012 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Great Wall of ChinaSince we have already discussed the history of the Golden Shield project and how the Great Firewall of China works, it is time to see how the Chinese netizens can get around it. There are a number of ways to get through. Even those without skills can seek help from tech-savvy individuals and still get around the Great Firewall.

The different methods to bypass the Great Wall require different levels of dedication and resources. The Chinese government is always trying new techniques to prevent users from circumventing the shield. Controversially, internet censorship is helping smaller industries to develop. Let’s have a look at what’s currently available at hand.


Getting Affiliated With WebSitePulse - One More Way To Benefit From Remote Monitoring

Posted on May 28th, 2012 by Lily Grozeva in WebSitePulse News

Make money with WebSitePulseLet’s start off this week with something different! Today, we are glad to present to you WebSitePulse affiliate program. Like most good services on the internet, we would like to give our trusted followers a way to further benefit from our services. Now you can earn a pretty penny on a monthly basis.

If you are already familiar with our flagship products this would be a walk in the park for you to implement. To get things rolling you simply need to fill our online form. Once you submit it, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.


Mother's Day 2012 - Online Retailers Performance Monitoring

Posted on May 16th, 2012 by Lily Grozeva in Tech

Wee have been tracking the performance of online retailers around Mother’s day for the past 5 years. Being a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood, it is also a week of trials and perils for online retailers. High demand for flowers and gifts is exceedingly high one week prior to Mother’s Day and can cause many website to function outside of their parameters. Each year, our goal is to measure the performance and availability of selected retailers by executing full online shopping customer transactions, thus simulating the user experience.

This year was particularly interesting because of the significantly higher online demand for service and products. Notice the spike in 2012. Search for mother’s day gifts are through the roof. We bring you attention to this fact so that you could take into account the higher overall demand, when looking at the results.