WebSitePulse Test Tools

Our test tools are easy to use and free. You can use them to check whether specific components of your website or server are operating properly, and to find out what your end-users are experiencing at any given time. This way, you can easily detect any malfunctions and fix them immediately.

Website / Webpage
Test Tools

  • Browser Full Page Test

    allows you to gauge the load time (initial and return visit) of your website, analyze the results and identify bottlenecks and get recommendations on how to improve your website performance.
  • Website Test

    verifies the server status, downloads the full HTML content and, measures the response time of the tested website.
  • Web Page Test

    verifies the URL availability, downloads the complete HTML content, and measures the download speed of each component.
  • HTTP Headers Test

    requests the entered URL, retrieves the HTTP response headers, verifies the HTTP status codes and displays the received response headers.
  • Behind China Firewall

    tests whether your website is visible from China in real-time.

DNS / Blacklist
Test Tools

  • Hostname Test

    verifies whether the DNS records are correct, and checks whether a domain or a hostname is resolved to an IP address.
  • MX Record Lookup

    performs an MX record lookup for a specific e-mail address, and returns a list with servers responsible for delivering the e-mail to that address.
  • NS Record Lookup

    performs an NS record lookup for a specific domain name, and returns the Name Servers responsible for the domain name records.
  • SPF Lookup

    does a query for the DNS records and returns any available SPF records for a given domain name.
  • Reverse DNS

    performs a reverse DNS lookup for a specific IP address and returns the hostname associated with that IP address.
  • Blacklist Check

    queries the major DNS Blacklists whether a specific IP address is listed for sending malicious activities.

Service / Email
Test Tools

  • Server Test

    verifies the availability and measures the response time of any TCP/UDP-based web service connected to the Internet.
  • Email Validation Test

    validates the syntax of the entered email address, performs a DNS query for the domain, and checks all SMTP servers listed in the MX records.
  • Port Scan

    scans some of the most popular ports on the specified host.
  • SPF parser

    lookups if an IP is allowed from the SPF record of a domain
  • Certificate Validation

    download and validate a server's certificate

Test Tools

  • PING

    checks if a web host or IP address is reachable across the Internet by sending multiple ICMP packets, and then measures the time the packets need between the monitoring location to the host.
  • Traceroute

    traces the route that UDP test packets take from one web destination to another.
  • TCP Traceroute

    traces the route that TCP test packets take from one web destination to another.

    determines the owner and/or the administrator of a domain name and provides contact details.
  • IP / Network Lookup

    does a WHOIS query to determine the owner and/or the administrator of an IP address or network and to provide contact details.
  • MTR Traceroute & Ping

    based on the linux program MTR, it combines the functionality of the "traceroute" and "ping" programs in a single network diagnostic tool.