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Protect Your Online Presence

Posted on September 30th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Protect your online presenceGoogle have recently come up with a new feature called “Authorship markup” which, they say, will connect the author to the particular content in order to give it more credibility.

The Authorship markup encourages quality content by helping out its authors to rank better in the search results, according to Sagar Kamdar, Google Product Manager. For this purpose, the markup connects the web content to a Google Profile of its author and then – back to the particular web page. This way the content shows up in the search results, the author is identified, and the reader even sees a photo of the author displayed alongside, when an image is available. Content then looks more trustworthy and credible, and the website content is more protected.


Free Server Monitoring for Life

Posted on September 2nd, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tools, WebSitePulse News, Tech

Yes, it's free!Someone once said that there is no such thing as small business. We believe this is true. Due to their nature, not all online businesses require the highest level of service we can offer. If your site is mostly driven by word of mouth and you have a strong offline presence, we might have just the thing for you. A free server monitoring service for life!

If your business depends on the company website to keep your clients informed about changes, share your office location and provide some basic interaction, we can offer you a free server monitoring service for life. We will check your server round the clock and inform you if it goes down.


Are You Looking at the Right Metrics?

Posted on August 17th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Performance metricsThe most dangeours type of downtime is the one you don't know about. It is discturbing how true that one line actually is. Should it occur, website/server downtime can and will cause problems and ripples throughout your organization. Before we get tarred and feathered for making such a bold statement, let us build our case.

The Problem

In this realworld situation, a business lost roughly 30% of their leads for July. Apart from their initial loss, they simply handed out a good portion of the market to their competitors, in high season. When the figures arrived, all hell broke loose. All major markets felt the downturn. In search for a logical explanation, hours of daytime were invested in finding the reason. After it was made clear that the traffic was stable, the management went on to search for answers somewhere down the line. The marketing team had to pull out detailed reports for their activities in the last three months. Seasonal sales people got numerous tests calls. A full-scale internal audit took place. This caused a ripple effect and the normal workflow was seriously disrupted.


Submarine Communication Cable Lines

Posted on July 7th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

There are currently 121 existing submarine communication cable systems with 25 more planned for the next few years. That sounds like a lot but actually, they are way more than this. 121 is the number of all currently functioning underwater communication cables.

Submarine communication lines


SSD vs HDD server performance

Posted on July 6th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

ssd vs hdd server

Is SSD (Solid State Drive) the solution for the ever widening gap between current hard drive technology and CPU advancements? Is this the next step in data storage and are SSD drives here to stay? How reliable are they? Are they actually worth it?