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Facebook Open Compute Project

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

Facebook Prineville datacenterWe want Facebook to use 100% renewable energy” - Ironically, this is the name of a group on Facebook. It is a Greenpeace initiative which started back in February 2011. The group has grown dramatically in just under 2 months. Currently, there are over 300,000 people supporting the initiative.

Daniel Kessler of Greenpeace was quoted saying "Facebook, by opening this center, is sending a signal: We're not quite done with coal yet." Greenpeace and Change both called out Facebook to use clean renewable energy and avoid coal. Facebook’s decision to build and operate its new data center is mostly the reason behind the campaign. The data center, located in Prineville will be powered by Pacific Power. The power service agreement is already in place.


Website Performance - External Databases

Posted on May 27th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Monitoring

External DatabaseEvery modern website relies on stable and well written databases. It is impossible to find a large-scale website not implementing one or more database systems.

This month, we’ve detected a high increase in response time for one of the sites we monitor. It is not a particularly large site; however it is one that relies on fast navigation. On average, the website used to load in about 3 seconds. One morning it went up to 10 seconds only for the site to begin to load. This is a good time to say that it is always advisable to test out new designs and functionality.


Skype Is Down... Again

Posted on May 26th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in WebSitePulse News

It seems that Skype have done it again. Yes, that’s right, they’re down. Just a couple of minutes ago their site stopped working and their services have been shaky all day.

This is what their site looked like several minutes ago.Skype is down


The Plugins That Work - Dropbox CDN and wp Time Machine

Posted on May 20th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech

There are two great WordPress plugins that everyone should know about. The first one is called Dropbox CDN. “Dropbox” as in “Dropbox - the personal file backup service, helping me work on my files from my PC and Mobile Phone”.

Wordpress DropboxDropbox CDN (Content Delivery Network) enables you to host your WordPress theme CSS, JS and images on Dropbox. This is huge! Setting up additional hosting space involves extra costs, time to manage, backups. A lot of hassle! With this plug in you enjoy all this for free. The reason why this is so great is that common bloggers can now have their blog load faster and be viewed by more people at once. Using CDN is listed as a great practice by Yslow, no matter the scale of you online presence. It is worth it to get a Dropbox account only for the sake of using this plugin. If you are not too happy with your hosting provider, or you are using a free service, this is a good moment to try out the plugin to increase your website’s performance.


Hack Attacks - The New Way To Protest

Posted on April 18th, 2011 by Victoria Pal in Tech


Every now and then a government website or server gets it. I wonder what the Italian politicians did this time. In February had a really hard weekend of DDoS attacks.