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Why Monitoring

In today's information age, a smoothly operating Website is a vital part of your business that provides a distinct competitive advantage. A Website that fails to deliver its content either in a timely manner or at all, causes visitors to quickly lose interest, sending them to the "just a click-away" competitor. Ensuring that all of the elements of your Website are functioning properly is critical to maximizing your company's Web investment and protects your customer loyalty.

When your web-systems and components are not available and not being monitored, downtime is one of your worst enemies:
  • Your ROI declines as you loose revenue but cover the same operational costs;
  • Your web-advertising ROI is zero, as the precious clicks you paid for, lead to unavailable pages;
  • Your Conversion Ratio erodes because of failed transactions and disrupted traffic;
  • Your Returning Customers' ratio is damaged because of loss of credibility, and redirecting existing Customers to the competition;
  • Your external and internal flow of communication is interrupted if your e-mail systems do not function properly creating the potential of substantial loss;
  • Your image is damaged, increasing your promotional efforts and costs;
  • If unauthorized content is uploaded on your website and you are not aware of it, your visitors might become victims of a fraud and their personal or credit card information could be stolen. In this case, we would not even try to assess the potential damage for your business.

Independent and objective monitoring, from the real end-user perspective:
  • Reduces your downtime by up to 80%;
  • Special features such as snapshot, trace route, and forced monitoring help to instantly identify the source of the malfunctions, and allow IT support teams to start troubleshooting immediately.
  • Instant alerts and multimedia notifications allow your entire organization to stay on top of the web problems, to react adequately, and to gain Customer respect instead of loosing Image and credibility.
  • E-mail system functionality, as well as two ways e-mail flows are checked in a preset interval to ensure that normal service levels are continuously maintained;
  • Upscale monitoring services such as full-page monitoring analyze web-content and components, and alert you if change of any kind is detected;
  • Network components and devices are monitored, as well to build a complete pro-active system of immediate problem detection, real-time alerts, and multimedia notifications.

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At WebSitePulse, we believe that as a result of the increasing complexity of the Internet and the intensifying e-competition, websites availability and smooth functionality will become an even more important competitive advantage.

Using monitoring services becomes part of the responsible behavior, pro-active stance, and cost-conscious attitude of the modern web-business owner or operator, and the question is:

- Not monitoring yet?