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Getting Affiliated With WebSitePulse - One More Way To Benefit From Remote Monitoring

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Posted on May 28th, 2012 by Lily Grozeva in WebSitePulse News

Make money with WebSitePulseLet’s start off this week with something different! Today, we are glad to present to you WebSitePulse affiliate program. Like most good services on the internet, we would like to give our trusted followers a way to further benefit from our services. Now you can earn a pretty penny on a monthly basis.

If you are already familiar with our flagship products this would be a walk in the park for you to implement. To get things rolling you simply need to fill our online form. Once you submit it, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

Who is the program intended for?

Everyone can participate in our affiliate initiative. Of course, the more relevant your site is, the more you will benefit. Depending on your audience, you can promote any, or all of our four major services. For those of you not familiar with our service, here is a short description of each:

  • Server Monitoring - Server uptime is critical for various services to run. People, who subscribe for this service, set short monitoring intervals to gain good resolution and information about the performance of their hardware. Shorter intervals translate into slightly higher fee with each step, due to the resources they take to execute. This ultimately translates to better and stable commissions.
  • Website Monitoring – End-to-end webpage performance test and 24/7 website uptime tracking. Clients may initially add only a handful of sites, but numbers tend to grow over time. This service is scalable and affiliate fees can increase steadily.
  • Application Monitoring – Human experience is simulated when dealing with single and multistep application forms. It is not enough for a site to be online. It also needs to function. If a client monitors the uptime of a website, it is highly likely they are monitoring the state of at least one application form. Promoting this service holds the potential for good commissions.
  • Email Monitoring – Tracking the wellbeing of your electronic mail services with scheduled round-trip test. Email monitoring is an integral part of each online ecosystem. Monitoring it, alongside your other assets, is essential.

If you are already participating successfully in other affiliate programs, ours works pretty much the same way. The best way to know if our program would work for you is to give it a go.

Each affiliate is given a unique tracking URL to use according to our terms and conditions. To maximize the effect, we advise you to place your tracking link in visible areas of your site, embedded within content, share them on your social profiles and include them in newsletters. You can also customize our tools and badges to make sure that any click through conversions are accounted for.

Affiliate Options

Without further ado, here is what we offer to our prospective affiliates. You can choose from 3 available commission plans.

  • One time commission – You will get 20% of the first paid invoice of each referred client
  • Limited time commission – For 3 months you will receive 10% of all paid invoices. The amount people tend to pay increases within one quarter, so this is a balanced solution for people looking to get more in a short period of time.
  • Lifetime commission – 5% each month, for as long as you are participating in our program.

We reserve the right to craft custom commission plans with different accounts. This is a good thing. In time, we hope to extend our communication with you and provide you with even better means of compensation.

Tracking & Payment

With each option you will get detailed information about the current engagement of your leads. You will be able to login to our tracking system and check on the sales activity and commissions earned. Commissions that have been due for over 30 days and are over $ 50.00 will be eligible for claim.

Be one of the first to sign up to the program. Sign up today and we will process your application in under 48 hours!

Lily Grozeva

An SEO from tip to toe, Lily is cleverly disguised as a fun human being. Loves SEO (apparently) and London. Preferably SEO conferences in London.

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