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WebSitePulse is a web-based remote monitoring service that keeps a constant watch over your servers and network components, web sites, web applications and email infrastructure 24/7/365.

We test and verify whether your devices are connected to the Internet, respond properly and deliver the correct content to your customers in a timely manner.

Our monitoring services enable you to increase the efficiency of your business operations and to reduce the risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

Server & Network Monitoring

Looks after your servers and network devices from multiple locations around the world as often as every minute, detects errors and alerts you immediately. It helps you increase server uptime and eliminate the risk of lost revenue resulting from server and network downtime.

Uptime Monitoring

Continuously monitor the availability and performance of your website, server, or network to ensure it is up and running without any issues.

Webpage Monitoring

Ensures your website delivers the proper page content to the users, and that its download speed is within the industry standards.

Web Transaction Monitoring

Detects any issue related to the transactions on your website, so you can minimize the downtime and be the first to know when an issue has occured.

Email Round-trip Monitoring

Scans for incoming and outgoing email systems' problems such as delayed or lost emails. It sends a test message to an email address you specify, and then it retrieves it from that mail server in order to detect errors in the process of sending and receiving emails.

Vulnerability Monitoring

Scans your servers and firewalls for more than 60,000 known security issues and exploits and provides you with useful information and recommendations on how to make your systems and servers more secure.

BlackList Monitoring

Ensures the IP of your mail server has not fallen into one of the major DNSBL (DNS-based Blackhole List) blacklists. It’s vital for your business because if your server is blacklisted, spam filters might block some or all of the emails that your servers send out.

Certificate Monitoring

Downloads the certificate from your server and tests its configuration, expiration and validity. Performs OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and CRL (Certificate Revocation List) certificate verification.

Custom Monitoring

At WebSitePulse we know there are no universal solutions. What might work for one client will most likely be unsuitable for another. We are dedicated to providing the best solution for each client and we are willing to discuss and customize every part of our services.


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