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WebSitePulse Enhances Customer Support

November 22, 2005, WebHosting.Info

WebSitePulse, a provider of remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions, recently announced the introduction of the "Remote hands" and "Take Over" features to enhance its customer support functions.

The company claims that "Remote hands" enables e-business owners and operators to proceed with troubleshooting immediately upon the receipt of an alert notification. If the remote troubleshoot requires third party involvement, WebSitePulse will work with all contacts, vendors, or suppliers designated by the customer until the functionality of the website, system or component is restored. This service option is defined as "Take-Over", and is offered for a nominal fee.

"Remote hands" and "Take Over" features are extensions of the alert notification component of WebSitePulse advanced services. These two features are part of the new and re-engineered WebSitePulse monitoring system and the website could be found at beta.websitepulse.com.

"Providing our customers with cost-effective solutions that reduce their downtime is our top priority. This is the best way to achieve our ultimate objective - protecting our customers from loss of transactions, revenue, traffic and credibility," said Iavor Marinoff, CEO of WebSitePulse.