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Our Monitoring Service Advantages

Monitoring 24/7

  • 24/7 remote monitoring

    Monitor virtually any TCP/UDP service and device connected to the Internet.
  • Monitoring frequency of 1 minute or higher

    Monitoring intervals can be configured from 1 minute to once a week
  • Forced monitoring upon error detection

    If you use lower monitoring intervals such as every 10 or 20 minutes, once an error is detected, the monitoring interval can be automatically changed to a lower value providing you with more accurate data and recovery time.
  • Multiple monitoring locations

    For each target you can select geographically different monitoring locations and each one will run its tests according to the monitoring interval. Data from multiple monitoring locations can help you pinpoint the source of the problems much easier.
  • Simultaneous monitoring

    Simultaneous (not consecutive) monitoring from all selected locations in our network, providing you with reliable and precise information about the allocation of the problem. The number and the locations of the monitoring sites can be specified for each target individually, to reflect the specific priorities and geographic concentrations of your end-users.
  • Redundant global monitoring network with failover

    All monitoring locations in our Global network are constantly monitored for availability and connectivity; if any of them becomes unreachable from other locations, all monitoring processes/tests are automatically transferred to a working server and the monitoring process is not interrupted at all. and start to perform from another monitoring location which is fully functional at that time.
  • Configurable downtime periods

    If you have scheduled regular maintenance windows, you can set up scheduled downtime rules for each target, and during that time period monitoring will be automatically suspended and then automatically resumed to avoid unnecessary alerts and downtime in the reports.
  • Custom time zone for every target

    Select specific time-zone for every target based on its location or your preferences; all timestamps in the reports for this target are shown in its time-zone.
  • Suspend/activate monitoring at any time

    Manually suspend monitoring of any or all targets and manually or automatically resume monitoring when needed.


  • Multi-media alert notifications

    You can receive email, text message (SMS), voice call, instant messenger, pager, SNMP trap and URL notifications.
  • Multi-level location notifications

    Notifications can be configured to be send out by each monitoring location for a specific target; you can be notified about errors from some locations and not from others; there is also an option where you can be notified from a specific location only if the other locations did not send out any alerts.
  • Advanced alerts' escalation scheme

    Receive alerts only for specific error types or after a specific number of failures; select the number of failure notifications to be sent if a problem continues; alert cycles - restart the alert cycle if a target is down for too long.
  • False alarm prevention system

    Options to configure error detection confirmation from second and third independant monitoring locations.
  • "Do not disturb" periods

    Time periods during which no alerts will be sent to the contact.
  • Customizable alerts' content

    Different alerts' content for the different errors; specify the email address from which the alerts will come from; customize the messages length and contents with predefined tags.
  • Custom time zone for every contact

    Select specific time-zone for every contact based on its location or your preferences.
  • Target dependency rules for alerts optimization

    Create custom dependency rules for each target.
  • Levels

    Receive alerts if one of the monitoring locations detects a problem, only if 50% or more of the locations detect and confirm the failure or if all used locations have detected the problem.
  • Multiple voice and SMS gateways

    For better and faster alert delivery, we maintain multiple SMS and voice gateways; when creating or editing an alert contact, you can test and choose the best gateway for each voice or SMS contact in your account.


  • Detailed real-time reports

    Variety of online reports containing up-to-date details from multiple monitoring locations including the latest checks data; reports include daily, weekly and monthly summaries, uptime/downtime, average response times by day and week, status history by month; reports can be emailed to one or more email recipients in your account or can be displayed publicly on one of your websites.
  • Response time breakdown

    Details for DNS resolve times, connect, redirect time, first byte and last byte times as well as PING data.
  • Multiple locations reports

    Compare the monitoring data and statistics from different monitoring locations for a specific target.
  • Traceroute upon connectivity errors

    Every time a connection related error is detected, a traceroute will be performed from the monitoring location to your servers or devices, and the results will be saved for future display review in the reports; the traceroute results can be included in the email notification alerts as well.
  • Download raw monitoring data

    The raw logs are available for download in various formats (XML, CSV, TXT), which then can be easily used to create your own reports.
  • Advanced real-time WSDL API and HTTP API

    Your applications can connect to our system and get real-time data about the monitored targets.

Error detection and verification

  • "Triple stage" verification system

    The error is first detected by the monitoring location. After that it has to be confirmed from an independent location and the correlation notification level is checked before we send out any alerts.
  • Error confirmation

    All errors have to be confirmed by an independent location before the target is considered down. This option can be disabled as well.
  • Traceroute on error

    Every time a connection related error is detected, a trace route will be performed from the monitoring location to your servers, the monitored target, and the results will be saved for future review.
  • Screenshot and Snapshot on errors

    We can save the content which your server returned when we detect content related alerts so you can easily find out what went wrong on your side.
  • Multi-level location correlated notification system based on the number of locations detecting an error

    Three levels can be selected by the Customer. By choosing normal level you will be alerted if one of the locations detects and confirms the failure. If you use strong level you will only be alerted if 50% or more of the used locations detect the failure. And when you choose the strict level you will only be alerted if all locations detect the problems at the same time.
  • Target dependency rules for alerts optimization

    Create custom dependency rules for each target where if a target depends on another one and the second one is down, no alerts will be sent for the first one.

Account Administration

  • Individual pricing

    Individual Target (not account) configurations and pricing: This approach optimizes your cost/benefit ratio, and you do not have to pay for anything you do not need
  • Web-based control panel

    Access real-time current status dashboard, reports and details about your targets from any browser. Manage, edit, add and remove targets and notification contacts. Access your account information and manage multiple users accounts with individual access rights.
  • Mobile devices compatible web site

    Now you can get real-time current status information , reports and details about your targets "on the road". This version provides some of the main control panel features and functionalities in mobile device-friendly formats.
  • Android and iOS apps

    Dedicated apps with GCM and push notifications support.
  • Multi-user support

    Create and manage unlimited number of users with individual rights for different sections of the control panel and access only to specific target groups.
  • System log

    Keep track of all activities in the account. Activities reports can be generated for specific or all users and account actions for a defined period of time.


  • 24/7 free customer support

    Live customer and sales support is available 24/7 by phone and email along with extensive "Help" section for the WebSitePulse monitoring services.
  • Remote hands

    If you are on the road or away from your computer and receive alert notifications, call our support team to provide you with additional details, run diagnostic tests, perform simple administrative tasks in order to help you determine the cause of the problem.
  • Take over

    At certain time periods of the day and night, you can transfer all your alerts to our 24/7 live support team who can follow predefined instructions provided by you. We can perform simple administrative tasks on your servers or follow an escalation scheme and contact the hosting company or the person incharge of the specific target.

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