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WebSitePulse Fact Sheet

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of independent, remote, and reliable website monitoring services. Owners and operators of web-based systems and components profit from the continuous web-performance measurements, multimedia alerts and analytical reports, and reduce their risk of loss of e-business transactions, revenue and credibility.

Company History

Founded in 2000, WebSitePulse is a privately owned company, based in Orlando, FL.
24/7, multilingual Customer service and technical support are provided to US and Worldwide Clients from several offices in the US and Europe.

Web-monitoring systems are distributed on multiple servers around the Globe. Account information and Customer data is encrypted with the latest Internet technologies to ensure the highest performance, reliability, and protection for the Customers.

Performance measurements could be taken simultaneously from up to 42 remote monitoring locations, and could be as frequent as one test per minute. The collected data is objective and independent of any other service providers, corporations, or organizations, and reflects the real Internet users' experience.
New features and service options are constantly added in response to an increasing and better-educated Customer demand.

WebSitePulse customer base is well diversified due to the comprehensible and flexible service offerings suitable for a wide variety of web-performance management needs. The company is growing steadily over the last few years and currently manages more than accounts.
WebSitePulse is relentlessly striving to provide the best-in-class monitoring services, and excellent Customer support.


WebSitePulse provides comprehensible, reliable, and cost-effective monitoring services built upon the latest and most advanced Internet technologies, proprietary, patented software and computing solutions. The main service sets include:
  • Server and Network Monitoring - monitors 24/7 any type of server and network device connected to the Internet as often as every minute.
  • Website Monitoring - monitors and measures performance and availability of web sites up to every minute from a Global monitoring network. Provides full-page downloads with repeat or first-time user experience simulation, giving you real insight into what your end-users are experiencing.
  • Web Transaction Monitoring - monitors and measures performance and availability of complex multi-step web transactions and the web applications they use to ensure they are functioning properly and deliver excellent performance.
  • Email Round-Trip Monitoring - verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective.

Adding Value

Value added by WebSitePulse services is measured in different ways. Here are the most important of them:
  • Reducing websites ineffective downtime by up to 80%, and saving general maintenance- and troubleshooting costs;
  • Preventing the loss of revenue, traffic, and integrity due to websites unavailability, malfunctions or broken e-mail communications;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the IT-related managerial and operational decisions by offering essential statistical and analytical data about the performance of the Internet-based assets;
  • Improving the overall credit position of any Internet-based asset by significantly reducing its risk of unavailability and loss of revenue.

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How WebSitePulse is different

  • WebSitePulse service model is entirely Customer-driven.
    In addition to the widespread service plans, packages and levels, WebSitePulse allows target-specific customization of every feature, component, and element of its entire system, responding to the each individual monitoring need. Customers take advantage of the unparalleled system flexibility, and have the privilege of controlling and optimizing their monitoring costs.
  • WebSitePulse system is 100% developed, implemented, maintained, and operated by its own programmers, web-developers, and engineers.
    There are no other vendors, vertical chains, or outsourced components involved into the business model.
    As a result, WebSitePulse Customers receive very reliable service, professional tech support, expert advice from the programmers who created the features and options of the system. In addition, they have the opportunity of addressing different technology issues or making suggestions and recommendations directly to the engineers in charge.
  • WebSitePulse offers the most competitive prices in the web-monitoring industry.
    Target-centered pricing, optimized business model with minimized fixed costs, and a range of complimentary service features and options are the explanation behind the impressive cost/ benefit ratios WebSitePulse Customers enjoy on a permanent basis. Recently, WebSitePulse has introduced its "Proof of Confidence" - to beat any legitimate price offering for comparable monitoring configuration at similar terms and conditions.

Typical Users of WebSitePulse services
  • Top Executives and Business Owners;
  • CIOs and IT Managers;
  • System Administrators and Tech support Managers;
  • Small and Medium e-business Owners;
  • ISPs, ASPs, Web hosting companies' Owners and Managers;
  • Financial analysts;
  • Marketing intelligence experts;
  • Journalists, publicists, editors, and industry analysts;
  • Governmental, federal, state, and municipal authorities, agencies and organizations using outside vendors for large IT projects;
  • Managers of on-line advertising and promotional campaigns, and marketing directors;
  • Consultants and System integrators using various models, solutions, and vendors;
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