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Monitoring Station Additions Help Track Web Host Server Reliability

January 18, 2005, Web Host Magazine

Independent Website and server monitoring firm, WebSitePulse, announced yesterday of the addition of two new U.S. monitoring stations.

According to WebSitePulse, the addition of more stations gives users a more accurate and detailed picture of their Website's availability and can provide up-to-date information of the system's overall performance on a locational basis.

"Our customers like the peace of mind they get from knowing they won't get false alerts, and that if notified about a malfunction, they can immediately focus on the real source of the problem. Data about web systems' performance, measured from various locations, represents important operational information for our customers, even without service interruptions or web-transactions failures," says Image Project Inc (owning company of WebSitePulse) CEO Iavor Marinoff.

WebSitePulse's false alarm prevention system bases its reliability on multiple readouts from monitoring stations around the world. With each new additional station, WebSitePulse hopes to ensure precise information for their clients.

By the end of this year, WebSitePulse hopes to have 30 worldwide monitoring stations. The two new stations are located in Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington.