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WebSitePulse 2007 Tax Performance and Uptime Report

WebSitePulse is monitoring fourteen of the most popular tax websites for the 2007 Tax season. The measurement results indicate the performance levels and the availability of the websites related to the increased Internet traffic and e-file online services during the selected period. This information is helpful to analyze the End Users' experience, the reliability of the IT infrastructure of the Tax and e-file websites, as well as their estimated losses in case of downtime and unavailability of critical web pages, web systems, network devices, and web applications.

Continuous website monitoring for all fourteen websites covers the period April 05 through April 26, 2007. The reports and the charts are updated daily, displaying the results from the previous day and for the entire monitoring period to the current date.

The WebSitePulse Performance Reports measure Website Uptime and Website Response Time as the most important metrics for the availability and the reliability of any web-based operation, critical for the End Users' overall online experience. The 2007 Tax Performance & Uptime Reports reflect not only the performance of the websites home pages, but measure a complete web transaction representative for the End Users' interactions with a website. Measurements of the multi-step web transactions are made every 15 minutes, simultaneously from 3 different US-based monitoring locations. The WebSitePulse advanced monitoring system has automated false alarm prevention and error verification controls that ensure the reliability of the measurement results. The Reports reflect the most common website performance criteria: response time and availability - but in-debt analytical information is also collected and stored in the WebSitePulse system for future references. The WebSitePulse Application Monitoring service is used to collect data and produce the Report.

According to comScore in January Americans hit the Web in force in preparation of filing their 2006 tax returns, driving the Tax category to the top-gaining category for the month, virtually tripling its December traffic totals. Led by IRS.gov, which had 13.3 million visitors representing a 205-percent increase versus December '06, the income tax related websites category saw a 199-percent increase to 22.4 million visitors.

In March '07, the IRS announced that taxpayers continue to electronically file their tax returns at a record pace, up almost 6 percent from the same period last year. More Americans rely on e-file as a safe and accurate way to quickly finish their taxes and get a refund. So far this tax filing season, almost 72 percent of all returns have been e-filed, compared to 68 percent for the same period last year.