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WebSitePulse 2013 Hurricane Season Web Performance and Uptime Report

Hurricane season is closely approaching and we shall be all particularly alert during the months from August through November. The best way to stay informed is in no doubt the regular checking of websites that post real-time weather forecasts and information in case of emergency.

Organizations which provide life-saving instructions during natural disasters are aware that people’s lives could depend on their websites’ flawless performance, and that is why they are going the extra mile to keep their websites’ response time close to zero seconds and the availability - 100%. Still, however, even those websites could experience technical difficulties at times due to the extremely high web traffic.

As usual, we decided to voluntary monitor 5 of the most used websites for natural disasters and emergency situations and will report their availability and uptime to you daily, throughout the whole season. This information may be useful to those having technical issues while attempting to use any of the monitored websites, or would like to check how long it’s taking to load a page of any of the websites and thus - how fast s/he could access the content.

The reports will reflect the most common performance criteria: response time and availability. In-depth analytical information will also be collected and stored in the WebSitePulse system for future reference.

An RSS feed from the daily Reports will be available for the convenience of those interested in the performance of the monitored websites.

The Web Performance reports will include data from the measurements of the most visited hurricane and disaster-related websites. The information will be updated and displayed on a daily basis during the most active time of the season – July 29th through November 02, 2013.